2 simple ways to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ

I want to point out two things that can help in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ today. Preaching the Gospel is a calling for every believer, no matter the conditions we live in. The world today is different than it has ever been in the past. In fact, for… Continue reading


Does Naming Sins Help anyone?

medium_8600833855I realize one thing that naming sins by name and telling people not to do this or do that may not be the point in helping people live the expected holy life God wants.

It is often said that experience is the best teacher, I believe that this statement has a lot of truth in it. In this article I will be talking a lot about my experiences as a Christian that has always wanted to live a holy life before God, so don’t be surprised by the lots and lots of ‘I’ in the following paragraphs.

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