2 simple ways to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ

God SpakingI want to point out two things that can help in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ today. Preaching the Gospel is a calling for every believer, no matter the conditions we live in.

The world today is different than it has ever been in the past. In fact, for every generation, the environment has always changed in one way or the other, particularly with respect to communication technology. This has made things easy for Christians to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Below are 2 simple methods that I believe should be central to individually standing out for Christianity:

  1. Openly living the life of Christianity. Christians should make it known to all that see and hear them that they have chosen the life of Christianity. There are countless means of letting people know about your relationship with Christ. This includes testifying in Church or a service whenever you get a chance and letting your actions tell the story.

Being a Christian also calls for accepting correction and correcting others when they stray. Christians are not perfect people yet the world expects us to be perfect. This is good because it gives us a chance to put things to perspective in case we are challenged on the things we fail to do right. Nevertheless, sin should not be a means to create chances to engage with people because in many occasions it is not easy to get a chance to defend your position or even openly apologize or repent.

Christian living calls for many things but I want to mention a few qualities that make Christians differ distinctively.

  • Humility
  • Holiness
  • Respect

These three are complete subject that need full articles to explain what they mean. For purposes of this article, I suggest you consider their general meaning. However, you are free to check the internet for detailed explanations.


  1. Commenting Christ like. I like this point because it is so relevant in our time. There are countless social networks, blogs and other platforms that allow for participants to leave a comment whenever they get to see those updates they follow in such networks. Hardly any living person is free of any of such platforms.

Even though many social networks forbid profanities and popularly unacceptable language for updates, there are updates that openly promote evil in the world. That is where a Christian is expected to shed some light. Sometimes it could simply mean commenting with short phrases or words. The following phrases can serve as examples to help you send a Christ like signal as a comment to an update:

  1. No, not true
  2. Un-Christ like
  3. God is displeased with that
  4. God forbids that
  5. Christians don’t do that
  6. That’s against Christianity
  7. Check your conscious on that
  8. Have you prayed about it
  9. I pray for you
  10. Jesus loves you
  11. God is in control
  12. Only through Christ
  13. Hell awaits such

It is not easy for me to mention that Christians should be ready to die for the truth because I also wouldn’t easily want to put myself in that position. Whatever threats, criticism or ridicule you may attract by sending a Christ like signal comment, you must be ready for possible consequences that may put you on the spot for Christ. Christians have died for defending their beliefs in Christ yet there is no wonderful things as being persecuted and even dying for Christ (Matthew 5:11, 22). The intention should not to provoke people to anger but to bring Christ at the forefront of such comments.

I must assure you that Jesus Christ protects His own. This is not a lie because there are testimonies of people that have been protected simply because they were promoting the interest of Christ in their activities.

I want to encourage every believer to take the challenge and spread the Gospel through these two methods and more.

Be blessed.

(Image credits: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/56/William-Adolphe_Bouguereau_%281825-1905%29_-_The_Flagellation_of_Our_Lord_Jesus_Christ_%281880%29.jpg/220px-William-Adolphe_Bouguereau_%281825-1905%29_-_The_Flagellation_of_Our_Lord_Jesus_Christ_%281880%29.jpg)

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