Brethren need to break the spirit of adultery and alcoholism among the youth at Mhlume

There is a visible need for God to intervene in changing the conduct of youths at Mhlume compound. Mhlume is located in the eastern side of the country, an area dedicated to sugarcane farming and sugar processing. Sugarcane farming and processing has been termed the Swazi gold because it contributes… Continue reading


Sipho Makhabane appearing in Swaziland healthy and gives testimony

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On 15th February 2015, Mr. Makhabane honored an event in Swaziland where the Evangelical Church from Mbabane hosted a retirement party for Reverend S.M. Jele. Reverend Jele has pastored this church for 29 years and was now retiring from the formal responsibility of pastoring the church. Mr. Makhabane confirmed his… Continue reading