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May God edify and guide us as we delve into His word together in form of posts, audios and videos shared in this blog.

Welcome and thank you for stopping by. Just like everybody else, I’m human and therefore not perfect but I’m working at likening my life to that of Christ. This website is to invite you to join me in this not so easy endeavor yet so much of a requirement to make it for Heaven. I can assure you that it is possible to live a Christ like life. It is God that has given instructions to man and all I can do is suggest the ways by which we can make Him happy.

I will not be instructing you around, I have no guards to do that. Instead, I will support my articles and point of view with scriptures where possible. I will also provide relevant links to other credible resources where possible.

I do want to remain relevant to the world but I also want to present the truth without compromising. My philosophy is to encourage people to rely on God more than they do their spiritual leaders. I believe that God should be the ultimate source of direction for a person.

Feel free to comment, criticize and contribute to this website. For a quick run through of our articles, page down to see the entire list. 

Be Blessed!

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