Why has Jesus not come back till now?

Since our forefathers lived, the message of Jesus’ second coming has been given urgency by those that share it yet it has not proven to be as urgent. This is what today’s generation could be saying. This would not be surprising because 2 Peter 3:4 forewarns us about such grumblings. St. Peter then reflects back to what happened in the time of Noah when Noah was the message barer of the flood that God would soon send. The story of Noah is recorded in Genesis 5:32 to 9:28. It looks like this world awaits the same destruction but it will be through fire this time.

This could be your question too. There are so many verses that tell of the soon second coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ Himself mentioned this in Mark 1:14 when He said that the Kingdom of God is near. In Hebrews 10:37, the bible tells us that He who is coming will not delay.

Jesus also appears to John in the book of Revelation and relay the same message. He said He would come very soon with a reward (Revelation 22:12), and (22:7) blessed is the one who keeps the word of this prophecy.


God and time

God who is wise far beyond His creation has time under His control in that to Him one day is as good as a thousand years and the reverse is true (2 Peter 3:8). No one can pin God down on issues of time by any means because to Him time is irrelevant.

I have read, watched and listened to many testimonies of God’s visitation to the living, similar to the revelation of John in the Island of Patmos. Most of these testimonies enlighten us that time is of no essence in the spiritual world. One man who was once dead for more than 24 hours living in Swaziland told me that when he died he went straight to heaven’s doors and was sent back without any delay yet in this world that was beyond 24 hours. In fact, the devil is fully aware of this such that he works very hard to deceive many because time is very limited (Revelation 12:12).


Reasons for the delay

Now that we know that the delay is only relevant here on earth but not in the spiritual world, it is not because of poor clock reading in Heaven. It is also not because Jesus is slow in keeping his promise as we have noted in the precious section, but He is waiting in mercy for you, not desiring the destruction of any, but that all may be turned from their evil ways (2 Peter 3:9).

God is giving a chance to everyone to accept His grace through Jesus Christ the son. Everyone who hears the Gospel should therefore be a messenger of the Good News so that more people can obtain this great salvation.

If you have obtained the grace, keep yourself pure by all means. This is because accepting Jesus but ignoring His commandments does not work. ‘Once saved always saved’ does not work. Every believer is called to work out his or her salvation with diligence. If you tire and go back to your sins, you are not only failing the purpose of God but you are also causing pain to Jesus. If we knew the pain we inflict on Jesus by being disobedient we wouldn’t be doing it.

Keeping oneself pure before God is not easy. I therefore highly recommend that you make it your habit to read the Bible, make prayer a habit and obey what God says to you in your spirit. It will help you keep your salvation until death. I also have a lot of articles in this blog that you may find handy for specific issues you want some more clarification on.

Be blessed.

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