Why do pastors speak to demons when praying for people?

The Annointing!

Whenever you open a Christian television channel, you most likely will see a pastor praying for the sick or demon possessed. Sometimes it’s only a clip but it is often something that is featured. Often, the pastors entertain the demon by asking questions and giving instructions and letting the congregation watch the session.

Some of the people that are prayed for knowingly submit to the hand of the pastor so that they are delivered from the powers that oppress them one way or the other. It often is surprising that some people that never thought they are demon possessed often react to prayer.

In this post, I want to focus on the practice of speaking at length to the demon and reflect on how Jesus dealt with demons.


How Jesus deal with demons

In Matthew 8:28 – 34, we learn of demons realizing the presence of Jesus and reacted. This was when Jesus passed by a place where two men that were demon possessed met Him. Demons knew that Jesus would want them out of these men. They feared for their lives and wanted an alternative which happened to be pigs gracing nearby. It was the demons that started talking to Jesus.

Jesus had not much to discuss with demons but to do exactly what the demons expected, cast them out of humans.

In Mark 1:21 – 28, again a demon manifests itself without Jesus saying anything. The demon cried out in fear of what it expected Jesus to do. The demons knew very well that Jesus would identify them and cast them out.

Jesus had nothing much to say to the demons but to cast them out.

In Mark 5:1 – 12, a similar story, which could be the exact one mentioned in the book of Matthew. Apparently, in this case Jesus had initiated by casting the demons out before they uttered a word. Jesus asked the name of the demon and it responded accordingly. Form this we learn that demons tell the truth when they are under the power of Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus asked this question for the sake of those who were around to learn by hearing the demon declare on its own. Surely Jesus knew that the demons were many but He asked just for the record.

In this case, Jesus had a short conversation with the demons.


What we learn from demons as they speak out

Jesus who is our model did not waste a lot of time conversing with demons. He quickly got to the conclusion of setting people free. However, we do learn that demons can reveal some spiritual things that are not obvious to the physical eye. We surely have a lot to learn when demons manifest.

Earlier I highlighted that some people live with some evil spirits without knowing it. Demons influence such people to manifest the works of the devil in their daily lives to the point that it influences the person’s character. One person will be known for greed, another for lies, and so on. These are traits of the devil that people are often insensitive to in as far as spiritual influence is concerned.

Through these demons manifesting and declaring their presence in people that are prayed for, we get to learn how they operate. It is through prayers that we know that people allow demons into their lives through premarital/extramarital sex, drinking alcohol, eating some foods, participating in some rituals, and many other ways.

However, I want to sound a word of warning on how the devil can deceive many during the prayer sessions where demons manifest and begin to preach their own message to the listeners.  Demons know what people want to hear. They have all the experience such that they are far clever than humans. They know all we do, our capabilities, our stand with Jesus and how much we devote ourselves to God. They know our weaknesses and our strengths.

Brethren should know that the devil is the greatest of liars (John 8:44). If those that have an encounter with the devil are not careful, they may be deceived by an utterance of a demon. I do believe that the many false religions that are very close to Christianity are influenced by lies from demons. Leaders of these religions were not careful not to believe the lie of the devil. Better have a few words with the devil than to go astray into unnecessary talks with demons.



No man can have experience beyond the demons. Demons existed in Heaven before they were rejected by God. They have lived on over the entire existence of the world and they know their mission very well. It stands out clear and should be obvious to all people that demons can only be overpower and outsmarted by Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ lived before they did in Heaven and He has the power over them. Men without Jesus Christ are powerless to face demons.

The only way out is to pray for soul cleansing and God’s wisdom on a continuous basis.

Be blessed.

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