Does God number our days or we die due to our negligence?

Does it count how we safeguard our lives, practice healthy living and other cautious measures to be safe from death or it solely depends on the number of days God has set for each one of us? Does God need a thug, an accident or anything unnatural to fulfill His… Continue reading


Jesus, the last days and the narrow way

Jesus Christ understands it; His Church, the Christians are in a deep plunge of hardship in that they are caught between two hard surfaces ‘Living under pressures of the last days and working at walking the narrow road’ that very few find and walk on it. He is ready and… Continue reading


A thought on those that died 24 hours ago and those to die 24 hours on

Late top celebrities

It has been confirmed that death is a continuous occurrence. Countless numbers cross over to the other side of life each day and no man nor anyone can stop it. The World Death Clock Website gives an idea. Its a given, people will continue to die and the big question is,… Continue reading