Policy formulation

The Importance of a policy in church

A church needs some policies to help in guiding congregants on the expected conduct. Once it is in force, it makes the work of the leaders very easy. A lot of administrative frustrations are sorted whenever they arise. For example, if the policy forbids the use of some or all of church assets elsewhere other than in the church, then no one would want to take church songbooks away from the temple.

The key thing to observe is to engage with as many stakeholders of the policy. Whenever you formulate a policy, it should be approved by a conference before it comes to force. Transparency is the call for church leaders that a clearly written policy helps to achieve.


Policies you might need include the following:

  1. Bereavement policy
  2. Instruments policy
  3. Asset policy
  4. Operational policy

You are welcome to request for a formulation of an other policy other than the listed ones.

Qualities of a good church policy

The church is a community entity that should manifest the love of God through its conduct. Whenever a policy is formulated, this quality should not be overlooked. The prime guide to coming up with a good policy is the Bible. In a Christian set up, Biblical principles cannot be overlooked for whatever reason.

My experience in policy formulation

I have worked on some policies both in church and at work. Some of such policies are on compensation for members in case of death of a relative, one am currently working on is that of using church instruments. Recently, at work I have lead a team that has come up with an operational policy of a micro finance service. There are however a lot more work I have done in the area of policy formulation.


How I work with you to formulate a policy

  1. You decide the policy you want to formulate and we agree to work on it together. It is at this stage that we  have to agree on the price.
  2. I will be requesting for some information on related matters. You are free to declare the position in each of the matters that arise as we work together.
  3. The first draft will be shared when more than half the price has been paid. Reviews can be done afterwards.
  4. The final draft shall be delivered when full payment has been made.

Note: The laws that apply in your area may not be the same with those I know. It is therefore important to check with your local law practitioners on clauses you believe need such attention.


I’m qualified as a Master’s Degree holder in Business Administration from the University of South Africa. I have no specific qualification in law.

So, go ahead and contact me. I can assure you that my prices are very competitive.

mailto: dubemusa@gmail.com

WhatsApp:+268 7606 1595


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