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Holiness Advocate dummy cover page

The Holiness Advocate

Thank you for stopping by. I’m currently working at publishing a quarterly magazine that shall both be electronic and in hard copy print.

The cover page on the side is a dummy of how the magazine will look like. The topics that are seen shall be published on the first issue. The man in the cover page is me, the Holiness Advocate. I’m certainly not shamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the fact that I should be known to be a man that works hard to live a holy life.

Mini Magazine for Men: Download issue # 1 , Issue #2, Issue #3

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Download / Read issue #1 for June to August 2012

In this issue:

1. The BIG LIES on receiving salvation at the point of death

2. Tithes receive the most attention online

3. Lust (porn) equals adultery and fornications

4. The Bitterness of sin

5. Straight talk on Teen Sex

Download / Read issue #2 for November to December 2012

Holiness Advocate Magazine Issue # 21. Saved by the Lord’s prayer

2. Tithes receives the most attention online

3. For you are still of the flesh if you have JEALOUSY

4. Straight talk on Teen Sex / Holiness, sin and Temptation

5. Facebook the copycat of God’s setup


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