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The book ‘HELL’ is one book to ready if you need to refresh once and for all your conviction on whether hell exists or not. Bill is so convincing in this book such that you will feel like he wants to take you by the hand to show you what he saw. Indeed whatever he say, heard and felt in hell is already written in the Bible. The details are in his words but the Bible is his pillar of reference.

When I bought the book I first was impressed by the low price it was offered at. I thought to myself, ‘this author wants to send the message through and not make money’. When I read it, I realized it had more value to ones Christian life than what I paid it for.

Several people have had revelations on hell, but none burns with passion to send the message like Bill does in this book. I recommend the book and suggest you don’t run through it like a novel, but study it and keep it safe for future use.

I like Bill and the message he send through the book. (Click on the image to learn more).



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The Beauty of Being on the Lord's side

The Beauty of Being on the Lord’s side

1. The Beauty of being in the Lord’s side – This is a PowerPoint Slide Show so friendly and strainght to the point about the benefit of staying on the Lord’s side. You can download it by simply right clicking at the link and click ‘Save As’.







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