I’m of Services to You


I will give personal Christian counseling based on what the Bible says. My role is to help you overcome whatever is on your way but I am not ready to compromise the truth because nothing else but the truth will ever set a person free.  You may have to read some of my articles in this blog on the subject you are interested in to get a feel of what type of counseling you may expect.

I believe that as I continue to grown in grace from when I met Jesus  ( it must have been some time in 1989), I can give solid Christian advise that will help you reconcile with yourself and God while working on your challenges.

I’m flexible to use emails and WhatsApp (+268 7606 1595). To join a WhatsApp group for this blog click the link https://chat.whatsapp.com/Btgu00kWlEu0M87TtjugIY .

Please observe working hours as I’m full time employed elsewhere.



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