God has not failed to provide for you (4 ways He does it taken from the Bible)

God is a provider yet we often do not realize it but believe that all that we ever get our hands to hold is by our own doing. It is easy for me to believe that the house that I own and the car that I drive has been funded by my salary yet the provider of the job and the giver of abilities to work is God.

Indeed this is a difficult topic to promote because there are people in our society (myself included) that have more to show that disproves the claim made by the topic. This includes our needs in the following areas:

  1. Employment or jobs
  2. Business success or customers
  3. Basic needs such as food and shelter
  4. Money to buy whatever we need

This is true yet there are at least four proven ways that reveal to us that God is indeed the provider for mankind. Often our behaviour and that of our leaders are a reason why some of us end up needy. That is a subject for another post yet in this one we shall consider at least four ways by which God provides to people and the fifth is dedicated to God providing for animals.


The four ways by which God provides for people

Read this first: Each point gives reference scriptures where the way God uses is outlined. A brief description is then given and finally a practical example of how God does this for us in our current environment is given.

  1. Letting those who are opponents give to the chosen. Exodus 12:35 – 36.
    1. God made the Egyptians favourably disposed towards the Israelites such that they gave them whatever they asked for.
    2. The Bible makes a clear expression that the enemy was plundered.


  1. When you win a court case, family case, land dispute, garnishing orders, etc.


  1. Chasing the enemies away so that His favoured can plunder. 2 Kings 7:3-9.
    1. The Bible says that it was God who made the Arameans’ army to hear the sound of chariots and horses and a great army just from the steps of four lepers.


  1. Example: discounted food and give away prices for produce from shops. Don’t steal – stealing is taking illegally.


  1. Proving substance from nowhere. Manna from Heaven according to Exodus 16.
    1. God graciously provided manna (edible bread that rained from Heaven) in abundance in the wilderness at will.




  1. We need to open up to God’s will about giving to make this practical to others. Pay E 10 someone to go to hospital, buy a loaf of bread for the needy family, contribute to a community call, etc. God can provide you with a donor to feed your child, scholarships overseas learning, etc.


  1. Multiplying produce. In Genesis 26:12-14 God multiplies Isaac’s possessions.
    1. The work of your hands can produce more than the norm when God provides for you. He did it with Isaac who planted crops and took in a huge harvest. Isaac got richer and richer by the day until he was very wealthy because God had blessed him
    2. Jesus multiplied five loaves and two fish. What you have in your hands will last to the finish of your activity.
    3. The jars that got filled with oil (1 Kings 17:12-16).


  1. A person finishing a structure that looks beyond his/her capacity of the income they make.


  1. Giving prey and feed to animals. Animals pray to God and He provides for them (Job 38:39-41). I feel that this is one deep operation of God. If you don’t feed your animal, are cruel to it, abusing it, imagine the prayer that goes to God about you? We should treat animals well but not let them rule over you.
    1. Lesson 1: Animals don’t stress but pray and live on. Birds don’t stay in their nests after praying but they look for food (Matthew 6:26-34). Lions don’t stop hunting after they have prayed to God (Job 38:39).
    2. Lesson 2: God takes action when animals pray. There is therefore no reason God would not action when people pray to Him.


Conditions for Godly provision

  • God cannot compromise His standard so that a person can be successful. You still have to observe His commands even when you are in dire need of His provision.
  • He is Holy and no evil dwells in Him. Therefore, no bribes are God’s blessings and any form of dishonest gain is not from God. Ungodly prosperity is like receiving a million dollars and then having to walk on broken glasses with it on bare feet. Whereas if the provision is in God’s ways, it is like getting the same million dollars but then walk on a good road for the type of shoes you have on you.
  • A true Christian will not have peace when s/he has received some provisions in an ungodly manner, until such time that the error has been corrected.
  • Learn to wait (not stand/pause) on the Lord and at the right time He will provide.

Be blessed.

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