The nature of God is to provide even when it means taking from others (5 ways He does it)

God provides to people and animalsThere are instances where we need God to provide and He does just that, not only to people but also to animals. This is God’s nature that we must accept even when sometimes we will be on the losing side because God may take from one and give to the other. For example, you may have questions as to why you lost something to someone else or rather why did God allow it to happen to you, when in fact it is means by which God provided for the next person.

Do note that in this post I will focus on examples from the Bible, of which you can then relate to your circumstance(s) for practical application of scriptures.

Next I will focus on five types by which God provides to people and animals. These are:

  • Letting those who are opponents give to the chosen
  • Chasing the enemies away so that His favoured can plunder
  • Proving substance from nowhere
  • Multiplying produce
  • Giving prey and feed to animals

Later in the post I will discuss the repercussions of personal attempts to complement or by pass these methods. These are the likes of bribing your way to success, stealing, embezzling, etc. Next I will expound on each of the points given above.


God’s provision models

  • Opponents giving to God’s people

An exit or departure from an enemy can be so good to God’s child that the enemy can provide for his or her needs way into the future. Taking the example of the Israelites when they left Egypt, the Bible gives a clear example in the book of Exodus 12:35 – 36. God made the Egyptians favourably disposed towards the Israelites such that they gave them whatever they asked for. The Bible makes a clear expression that the enemy was plundered according to God’s way of providing for His own.

The formula God will use cannot be predetermined but He can chose to give you favour in the eyes of your advisory to the point that you are sent off at an unbelievable cost to them.


  • Chasing enemies to allow for plunder

The story of the four lepers in the book of 2 Kings 2:3-9 makes a good example to use as an example for this point. The Bible says that it was God who made the Arameans’ army to hear the sound of chariots and horses and a great army just from the steps of the four lepers. This made the armies flee, leaving all the goodies for the lepers to plunder.

 There is God permitted plunder which will leave the child of God legally enriched. Again, there is no formula but God can make it happen.


  • Providing substance from nowhere

According to Exodus 16, God graciously provided manna (edible bread that rained from Heaven) in abundance in the wilderness at will. In chapter 15, God made undrinkable water fit for a drink by just letting Moses drop a piece of wood on it.  No man could do that but God.


  • Multiplying produce

The work of your hands can produce more than the norm when God provides for you. He did it with Isaac who planted crops and took in a huge harvest. Isaac got richer and richer by the day until he was very wealthy because God had blessed him (Genesis 26:12-14).


  • Giving prey and feed to animals


I conclude by noting one interesting revelation about God’s relation to animals. God speaking to Job reveals deep things about Himself and one of these is that He provides lions with prey and satisfies them with their catch. Furthermore, God confirms that He receives prayers from animals. At this one instance, God reveals that ravens cry out to Him, after which He provides them with food. This is covered in Job 38:39-41.

God does not only provide food for hunting animals but also those that live on vegetation. The Psalmist in Psalm 104:14 records, “You cause grass to grow for the livestock and plants for people to use. You allow them to produce food from the earth”.


God’s conditions for His provision

It is always the case that the devil will mimic that which God can do. Similarly, people can follow patterns of this world to gain riches and possession while they claim or believe it was God who provided. The condition of the perfect provision by God is to obey His commandments. Deuteronomy 7:12-14 and 28:1-14 reveal this truth to mankind. In the New Testament we see Jesus instructing different people to do something and those that obeyed got their blessings. One example is that of Jesus commanding Peter to cast the nets into the sea even when they had not catch any fish for the whole night (John 21:6).

Sadly, at the command of the devil a curse hidden in form of a blessing can be received. These are the likes of winning bribe driven tenders, through all forms of theft, oppression others and all forms of dishonest gains. This is an area where many Christians found to be living under deception, thinking that God can compromise His standards for their success.

A true Christian will not have peace when s/he has received some provisions in an ungodly manner, until such time that the error has been corrected. It is like receiving a million dollars and then having to walk on broken glasses with it on bare feet. Whereas if the provision is in God’s ways, it is like getting the same million dollars but then walk on a good road for the type of shoes you have on you.



It is not always easy to follow God’s ways to success. In our eyes, they often take too long to realize, too little to satisfy our needs, too complicated to follow, strange to comprehend, etc. Our shortfall is that we often are impatient to wait on God promises.

May I end by encouraging the child of God who reads this post to take the courage to wait on God at all cost. After all, what will it profit a man to gain the whole world and later, when its judgement time, be found unworthy of Heaven.

Be chastised and let God judge you now while you have room to make corrections.

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