Why your preaching counts – part 2

I wish to add some more points on justifying the need for every believer, not just pastors and evangelists, to make every effort to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you have not read part one of this topic, I encourage you to check it out here.

In 2 Timothy 4:2 the Bible teaches, “Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction” (NIV). When we connect this verse with Revelation 12:12, we get to learn that every moment counts because the enemy we are facing works fiercely and with anger, knowing that his time is limited. Indeed time is short and the biblical clock is really pointing at the end of times. I encourage believers to take interest in feasting on sermons, Christian books, the Word of God and spend time in prayer. It is where believers get to learn about the biblical clock.

I invite you to consider another five points on why your preaching counts as a believer.

  1. We are a multinational community. Asians, Americans and non-native Africans have settled in Eswatini. Jesus Christ loves and wants to save them too. Many reject Christianity for reasons we may not know but if we keep telling them about the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ, they one day will have their hearts softened to the message. A critical point to note is that to some of them it has dawned that their religion is false and something else that will fill the void. Some have even realised that Christianity is the true religion but their challenge is that if they come out clear on their position, they will be chased away from their homes. I just think of that person who wants to quit the religion they no longer believe in but have nowhere to go because they know that they’ll be chased away. My heart is reaching out to you as a believer to be ready to accommodate a Christian convert who has been rejected and chased away from his or her family because of accepting Jesus Christ.
  2. Adding warriors to the workforce. A growing army in numbers is strength towards fulfilling its mandate. Every believer is a soldier in the army of the Lord Jesus Christ. The enemy is out to steal and destroy souls which the army must work to rescue. A worrier works to liberate people from the devil’s forces of oppression. People should have their eyes open to the goodness of God and His power to liberate the soul from evil forces.
  3. Reviving yourself on what you believe in. Each time you pick up your armour of faith your spiritual life gets empowered. It is a requirement for a believer to habitually fast and pray, read the Bible, fellowship with other believers and get to learn from other Christian material. There are sermons, lessons and testimonies that are really a source of encouragement to the believer but a lazy believer cannot access them. The internet is a wide source of such material.
  4. Soon there will be no time to work for God. It is actually a privilege to be alive and able to do something for God. The Bible warns in John 9:4, “As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work” (NIV).
  5. You will give an account to God on the call to Evangelism. My pastor often quotes his experience of an encounter where he got a question from God as to where are people he is bringing with him to the kingdom. This is a question we all must be ready to answer after this life. If there is no one you have recruited for the kingdom, you surely will have to answer on that. I’m confident that this is one reason some believers will be rejected in Heaven. In today’s world where there so many instruments a believer can use to win souls, there is absolutely no reason why a convert will not share the Gospel even after a month of receiving Christ.


There is a quote by Billy Graham that goes ‘Believers, look up – take courage. The angels are nearer than you think. This quote is real. God’s messengers are around us all the time and they are ready to assist in all initiatives, particularly on initiative that are aimed at benefiting the kingdom of God.

Be blessed.

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