A mistake by a celebrity before death – Richado ‘Ricky Rick’ Makhado

In the sight of God, whatever we say matters a lot. Not only do we speak through our mouths but also through social media chats, articles, videos, body language, behaviour, reaction, and many more ways. How far and the number of people our message reaches and impacts depends on our position in society.


The Celebrity in Question

Rochado Makhado commonly known as ‘Ricky Rick’ was a South African celebrity who was reported to have committed suicide at the age of 34. I had not heard of him before then but got to know a lot about him at his death because two of my contacts shared his photo on their WhatsApp status, sending condolences to their own contacts. When I looked at his photos, I took interest and started to search about him on the internet. I know people are grieving his death but I thought it is relevant to correct this at this time since it is also a critical message.


The mistake made by Ricky

It is reported that Ricky’s last message on twitter was, “I’ll return a stronger man. This land is still my home”. For this, he shall also give account to God according to Matthew 12:36. From this message I speculate that Ricky had planned his death but wanted to send a message of hope, not only to him but also to his followers. It seems like he believed that he can reset his life and start all over again as a stronger version of himself.

Ricky’s message is a lie. No man returns after death. Death is a one way journey and we have seen this fact realise in the lives of people we love that have passed on. None of the people we know have died and returned back at will. Not after they have been buried or cremated. None will ever come back to fulfil their wishes. Their flesh returns to the soil from where it came from (Ecclesiastes 12:7).

The Bible does teach us on resurrection, which is one way of coming back but restricted on why it shall happen. Resurrection is for the purpose of ‘judgement’ not coming back as a strong person. Judgment is a subject on its own and I would prefer addressing it in a separate article. However, John 5:28 – 29 says that those who have done God will resurrect to life but those who have done evil to judgement or damnation.


Death and return to life

Living people have two appointments ahead of them; death and judgment. It is not possible to change the order of the occurrence of each of these appointments. Once death comes, it is followed by judgment. This is according to Hebrews 9:27.

Death can be preponed or postponed. If you decide to commit suicide or live carelessly, you may be unlucky to prepone your death appointment. The way to postpone death, among many that the Bible approves of is by honouring parents (Ephesians 6:2-3), keeping God’s commandments (Proverbs 3:1-3), being fair and just in your ways (Deuteronomy 25:15), being wise in the sight of God (Proverbs 3:13 – 16) and worshiping God (Exodus 23:25 -26).


Why it matters what Ricky twitted on

I mentioned in the first paragraph that what we say to people matters to God. Therefore, Ricky will be accountable for his misleading message and get judged for it. The message is most likely to mislead many of his followers and therefore leading them away from God. If for any reason a soul is lead astray because of you, you pay for it in eternity.


Warning to the living

Not all that every other person says is worth believing. Not even what your pastor, bishop or evangelist says unless it is in line with that which the Bible teaches. No one will do the checking for you but yourself. Some messages are too close to the truth such that it is easy to be misled by them. Be warned, the devil is so cunning and can use any person whom you trust. Trust no one but God and the guidance He gives through the Holy Spirit and the Bible.

Today it is easy to check if a message is aligned to Bible teachings or not. The internet is there to give quick scripture references to any subject of interest. Just Google it and request the Holy Spirit to guide you in prayer.

Finally, I encourage you to watch and pray so that you enter not into temptation (Matthew 26:41) and redeem the time because the days we live in are evil (Ephesians 5:16).

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