WARNING on deceptive voices we hear in our hearts

How often have you believed something ‘divine’ was to happen in one way and yet it actually manifests in a different way? This happens even with things we claim they are said by God to us. I have fallen for this trap before in my life. This left me thinking as to whether the voice I heard was indeed from God or it was just me thinking or worst of all the voice is from the devil.

I know that this paragraph can be confusing yet it is a good introduction to the warning I want to give to you today. Demons, the flesh, people around us and self-deception can be in our spiritual ear. Many people have had their lives messed up from convictions that they genuinely mistake for God’s word. I can’t avoid declaring that I foresee people get shocked in judgement when they claim that whatever they did, which sadly will disqualify them for Heaven, is what they heard God telling them to do.

I have questioned the following declaration I have heard around and those I read about from the internet:

  1. I have not fulfilled my purpose for God and therefore I’m not going to die soon.
  2. I’m told that a pastor once told the congregation that he has made a covenant with God that no one will die in the church he was pastoring.
  3. James Sakala from Zambia told his followers to bury him alive and that he will rise in the third day just like Jesus Christ.
  4. A story of a minister of the Gospel is told where he claims that God told him to divorce his wife.
  5. COVID-19 will go away in a specific date. The founder of the Synagogue Church of all Nations TB Joshua said it will go away on 27th March 2020.
  6. There is a claim that goes, “God made me gay for a reason”.


There are a lot more claims, even of international interests, which people make under the quote “God told me this.” It is indeed true that most such claims are genuinely perceived to be from God yet they are not. Proof for that is that these voices declare that which is not in line with the written Word of God and that those that are prophetic in nature do not come to pass.

I want to move on to the scriptures for similar cases where wrong voices told the way to go or where people were under the conviction that it is God who has spoken.

  1. Some who prophesy, drive out demons and perform miracles are not using the right power neither do they hear from God. Jesus Christ confirms this in Matthew 7:21 – 23. Jesus says He will say to them, “I never knew you”.
  2. Joshua did not ask of God but got conviction that his decision of making a peace treaty with nations that lived around their territory. This is according to Joshua 9:14 – 15.


Does God really speak to people today?

God did speak to people in Bible times just as recorded. However, does the same still happen today? The straight answer is, ‘Yes God still speaks to people today’. I have written an article on this subject and I would like to refer you to it ‘How does God speak to people today?


The safe and God approved voice

God approves of His written word and it surely is safe to quote it for any situation. The Bible can be referenced with accuracy. The only challenge would be misinterpreting it yet that is humanly understandable as opposed to claiming a contrary instruction from God like the statements listed above.

The general guide is that of using the Bible as a litmus test for all the messages or voices shared around in the name of God. Rather be a rebel by taking what the Bible says over whatever another person says, it does not matter who that person is. If you have a chance to correct the message barer, do that with love. If you sense opposition, leave it at that but stand your ground. It is a blessing to stand firm in the word of God. It is far better to be hated for the Bible truth that to gain favor from the world and be an enemy of God.



Life does not end and physical death but it begins at another level. Sadly, what we do in this life counts for the life that starts after death. This makes me emphatically stress the need to be cautious when taking instructions under the claim “God said it.” Don’t accept anything under this claim nor do it to others unless you are very sure you heard it from God. It remains your fault and responsibility to action on a deceptive instruction.

May God forgive those of us who have mistakenly declared false voices over themselves and others under the impression that God has spoken. Further to that, may God grant us the ability to identify false claims and the courage to confront them and win.

Be blessed.

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