The point of death is the final battle appointment with the devil

The day of death is more important than the day of birth as it is recorded in Ecclesiastes 7:1. We may be lucky to see it coming but often we never do, yet we know it will surely come. As to whether you get to know about it or not depends largely on how you die.

We have no authority over the day of death or the power to hold back our spirit from departing, even when by change we are lucky to see it coming (Ecclesiastes 8:8). This makes death a very important subject that we all should know about so that we can prepare ourselves for it.


The two types of death

Jesus says that those that do not believe in that He (Jesus) is sent by God will die in sin (John 8:24). In short, the rest of other religious beliefs such as Islam, Buddhism, Traditionalism, etc. are off the point. Should you die holding on to those, you are dying in sin. Atheists (a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods – Oxford Dictionary) also die in sin. This indeed is a wake up call to everyone and a warning on making a decision on who you want to follow.

John in the book of Revelation records that there are people who die in the Lord (Revelation 14:13). The angel that spoke these words added that these are blessed. The blessing at death counts for eternity. Everyone should fight to die this kind of death, a blessed death. Clearly, not all that die are blessed but only those that die in the Lord. This should be the most desired death.

Dear believer, may I bring it to your attention that if you are not careful you may lose your salvation at the point of death. the devil targets us even to our very last breath. You may have overcome the devil your entire life but he can steal your soul at the point of death. My advise is that when it comes, you be careful not to focus on things that will turn you away from Jesus Christ. The crux of the matter is that the grip of the devil is firm at the point of death.

It is not easy to make Jesus an example in this case because He was the Lord and therefore He couldn’t die in the Lord. However, there is something we can learn from His death. Jesus focused on forgiving others and not how He could retaliate.


The way to die in the Lord

The simple guide to dying in the Lord is to live in the Lord. As already stated in the preceding section that death comes at its own time and no one can stop it, it is important to live in the Lord so that should it come, it finds you there. It is true that every day is a dying day. If we are to prepare for death successfully, we must individually practice preparedness to die daily. How this is done is simple, purifying oneself continuously and each time making it an urgent matter. If it calls for you to do it every minute, so be it.



Death comes only once and if you miss it at that point, you will not have another chance to do it right. Everyone of us is drifting closer to our dying day and there is nothing we can do about other than preparing ourselves for it. I suggest that in our prayers we should include this day so that God will remember our prayers and lead us through the entire process.

Be blessed.

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