The holiness believer who ignores body purity

The thin line between that which is from God and that which is from Satan is often invisible. The trick is in that often we mistake some earthly beauties as good gifts, of which all good gifts come from the Lord (James 1:17). It is true that not all that we people believe is good is really good and God given. There are those luxurious things which we enjoy, some of them have become our delight and yet they are not approved of God. Where God says things are an abomination, a curse, signs disobedience, etc. we should take a close look and do all that is humanly possible no to indulge.

Let me make an example of something that is most likely in the hands of a Christian reader right now yet it is detestable to God, “The Gospel track copied from a friend’s computer”. A less careful Christian does not realize that this is first degree piracy. I can sense that just from this example I have lost many believers who play such music in their offices, cars, events, etc. Some Christians even go to the extent of making money out of pirated music. I used to do it too but later inner conviction and Bible study taught me to rid these from my possession. There are lots of other examples that I can share that reveal how we Christians fail to pick crucial lessons from the Bible verses we preach on, share with friends, read in our devotions and even pray on.

Am I claiming to be perfect now?

First let me agree with what the Bible says, “None is righteous, not even one” (Romans 3:10). Having quoted that portion of scripture, I want to also quote another that says, “God, ‘will repay each person according to what they have done’” (Romans 2:6). This is not a conflict but specific in each case. If I were to summarize this I would say that a Christian is expected to do what is humanly possible to stay away from sin and work at purifying oneself continually (1 John 3:3). Never tire working out your salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12) because the road is really narrow, very few find it (Matthew 7:14).

I will attempt to explain with the help of examples why I believe that some of the things we have are in conflict with what God expects from us. Some are actually an insult to Him. Let me drop the bomb, “I believe that affixing artificial nails and all that hides the true appearance of a person is an insult to God”. The big question then becomes, “If affixing these artificial things are an abomination to God, how about artificial teeth and steel implants to support the human skeleton?” The answer is going to be very personal because many may have had appropriate responses but considered mob perceptions and let the truth slip off.

Allow me to address you directly without letting others  influence your discussion on this subject. For you to get help I advise that if you differ in opinion for any reasons, consider direct consultation with God through His word and prayer.


The main focus

In this post I would like for us to focus on affixing artificial ornaments on the body. This affects woman more than it does man yet some man also indulge in this. This is also not a black people’s problem but also white people have been caught up in implants to shape their buttocks and breasts.

Next I will discuss some reasons that make me support the notion that planting attachments in the body is ungodly.


Reason 1

If your natural state which you were born with gets altered by what you affix, then it’s wrong. I believe that the only reason one can consider making an alteration on his or her body is for health reason. In fact, the change should be to sustain one’s health. Jesus is our example. Whenever He prayed for the sick, for example the crippled and the blind, He never modified them beyond who they were born to be. Jesus prayed for them but never changed their gender, skin color or any other feature in their bodies like some of us have done. No one changed beyond what is physically normal from Jesus’ prayers.

I also want to reference John 9:3 where Jesus replied to a question by His disciples when they wanted to know who was to blame for the state of a blind man. Jesus blamed no one for the state of the man but pointed it all to God. Even when He had prayed for his healing, none of the results were extra ordinary. This is therefore a lesson for us that if for any reason we are really unhappy with our state, we must pray to God so that He can manifest His power.


Reason 2

There is a difference between altering that which God created you to be and taking care of yourself. Often that which alters who we naturally are causes some discomfort in our bodies and may lead to sickness. It has been scientifically proven that putting on artificial nails thins your natural nails, which makes them get hurt easily. Similarly, according to the WebMD website, tight braids and weaves, may increase the risk of developing an irreversible form of scarring hair loss. Implants such as those for breasts and buttocks may result in pain that does not go away.

Jesus would not give a person that which would create side effects. I’m for the thought that God detests that which kills the body. I’m confident that it is one reason in many that alcohol and drug abuse are not acceptable in biblical standards.  If for any reason your health is affected or deteriorates for some reason, you should ask God if it is okay for you to make that physical change in your body. There is no emergency too emergent for God because He is always there to speak to and get responses from.


Reason 3

If it causes your brother to stumble, remove it. Often Christians shift the blame to the person who stumble and declare that it is their problem. I can assure you that there is a loud cry among believers to those who wear weaves, make up, artificial nails, etc. The same goes for immodest dressing and many other un-Christ like behaviors.


Reason 4

It is a lie to appear who you are not. Reports of divorce from false identity from facial makeup are plenty online. This is because it is a lie to appear different from who you truly are. Someone would argue that it means a makeup is good because it makes people look lovely. This could be true but only on human standards. If your focus in on pleasing people and not God, then you may want to continue affixing artificial ornaments in your body.


Reason 5

Attachments are often used for showing off one’s wealth and beauty. Then this turns out to be a god of some sort. One would insult, tell lies, steal, kill and commit all sorts of sins just so they secure the attachments. Sadly, some poor people spend their little hard earned cash on these attachments.


These five reasons may not be all that there is to this practice which is in conflict with true Christianity but they should be enough to get you doing a soul search.

May God help us.

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  1. Ivette Santiago says:

    The article although well written, to a point, fails to cite Scripture that deals directly with the heart of this matter, and which unfortunately, in this context needs scripture to be cited in order to make the argument more substantive.

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