God’s reaction towards the wicked can be shocking

The Bible unveils to us who God is and declares that He does not change (Numbers 23:19, James 1:17). His Word also doesn’t change. The Bible records history on God’s reaction to the wicked, starting from Adam and Eve when they fell into sin. This goes on to Cain and Abel, the great flood, and on and on. There is no need to be very spiritual or be a theology expert to understand who God is. The simple and straight forward way is simply reading the Bible.

In this post I want to briefly focus on the cause of the great flood as recorded in the book of Genesis 6. Do note that this is just a tip of an ice bag on what God promised to do to the wicked. Reading through up to verse 8, you get to learn about the wickedness that God saw in His people. Sexual sins and evil thoughts are mentioned as the source of God’s anger and reaction against the wicked. Taking a close look in to verse 7, it cannot be dismissed that God destroyed animals because of man’s sin. In the same chapter, we get to learn about Noah, who was righteous in the sight of God. God has good news for people who strive to walk in His ways and this is a subject of another day.

Going to the book of Isaiah the prophet, the few chapters in the beginning record God’s plans of actions against the wicked. The things that Isaiah unveils about God’s plans are shocking. They are so extreme they are unlike God whom we all profess to be loving, merciful, caring, etc.

God can be very harsh to his creation sometimes, His own people sometimes. This is where Jehovah’s Witnesses differ in opinion to who God is. It’s not about what we think God is but about who is actually is. I believe that God can reject everyone living in the world today and let us all get into hell if we all chose wicked ways. God does not compromise because He is holy and doesn’t want to do with anything that will stain it.

If you have never thought of God on the extreme in punishing people, know that unless you take Christianity and live according to its dictates, you are in the row for God’s anger. God is angry at the wicked everyday (Psalm 7:11). According to John 3:36, “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them.”

Ignoring the truth does not change it. May God shine His light on anyone who earnestly wants to escape God’s anger.

Be blessed.

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