Looting is not for Christians no matter the circumstances

Looting is the same as stealing and therefore should not be heard of among Christians. Looting is so much of a temptation because the environment is often very conducive such that you may easily assume that no one else is watching neither does anyone care about the loss. It is true that temptations often come and sometimes overpower us but for a believer, in Matthew 6:13 Jesus taught that our prayer should be ‘And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one‘ and thus a believer is called to overcome the sin of looting. In practice, the prayer of a believer would be for God not to let him or her be present in a place where the environment is conducive for looting.

Today I witnessed first hand looting when my brothers and sisters grabbed some canned alcoholic drinks from a load that slipped off from a truck and fell on the road. Looting is not a strange occurrence in my country but I had never seen it so close. For a moment I stood there watching people jumping from across the road and some from the same lane I was in, just to loot. It was disappointing to see adults failing on self-control. Next I share the message I have for looters.

1. Thieves are a disgrace in society

Whenever you take something without the owner’s permission you are stealing. Anyone who does that is a disgrace to society. Some believe that looted items are insured and therefore the owner will be equally compensated for the loss. Some believe that looting is a form of cleaning up a mess that would have rather costed the owner to deal with. For example, this would be a case of a truck that overturned with some retail stocks.

The golden rule says ‘do unto others as you would love them do unto you’. It is unbecoming for people to steal yet they would not like their items to be stolen.

2. Its recorded in the Spiritual Realm

Unless a sinner genuinely repents and confesses his or her sins to God, the record of their deeds remain put in Heaven. God has messengers ‘angels’ who keep record of all thoughts, utterances and actions of every human being that has reached the stage of knowing the right from wrong. This record is what will be reviewed when the person stands on judgment before God. Unless looting sins as well as all other sins have been washed in the blood of Jesus, the person will be damned into hell. I have recorded a video on the subject of God’s judgment, which I would love to share.



I have also written an article on the reality of God’s records with the title ‘God, the Angels and You!‘ In that article you will learn about the five angels that live with every person at all times until that person dies. You will get to know the purpose of each of those angels.

3. Restitution is required to correct the act

I believe that this is the most difficult part in correcting an error or sin that a person has committed. This is when you look for the person who was either affected or effected by your evil deed and seek forgiveness from them. First, you have to confess your sin, genuinely repent from it and then comes restitution. If the person wants a full refund or even a compensation on top of it, you must make means to do just that in order to clear your record with that person. It is the will of God for you to do that.

I have written an article which can be very helpful in unveiling the truth about restitution. I titled it ‘The call for urgent restitution for all‘. In all your ways, never underestimate the importance of restitution.

The thought on these three requirements for erasing your sins in the Heavenly record often keep me away from sin.

If you know you need to make right something you stole or looted from someone, pray to God for help and start working on it now. I am ready to join hands with you in restoring your position with God and the person you wronged. I may not necessarily have to meet you in person, but I can be with you in prayer and offer some advise to be above the burden of your wrong deeds.

Be blessed.

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