“They said their last prayer and therefore they are in Heaven” – a common false belief

The Bible true story of the criminals that were crucified with Jesus Christ is often quoted when people plan their fake escape from hell. Many people believe that because one of the criminals was saved at the point of death it is proof that if they also do the same they will dine with Christ in Heaven on the same night of death. Don’t be fooled to believe this fallacy because you will have no other opportunity to review your decision when this last moment trick doesn’t work.

Common talk of escaping God’s anger

Often people confess their sins when they see death coming, seek God’s grace, which is not wrong but there is a reality that people often ignore, “God is not mocked” (Galatians 6:7 – 8). I know that there are some people, Christians included, that are so careful and waiting to turn their lives to Jesus Christ when they see death coming. They believe so much in the grace of God for the remission of sin but want to wait until the last minute. Little do they know that the Bible says that we should seek God while He may be found, and at the point of death it is often a time when God may not be found (Isaiah 55:6 – 7). Think about it, “people ignore God all their life and when they are in fear of death they want to trick God into Heaven”. I know this will sound non-Christlike but allow me to affirm this to you, “when God calls, He wants you to respond immediately”.

True identity of people of this belief

People that have this mentality do not have a clear understanding of who God is. In fact, there are many verses that can be quoted to support this false belief on repentance yet it doesn’t change the truth I’m revealing here. God is far smarter than any person who lives today or who ever lived in the past (1 Corinthians 1:25). God speaks and when He does everybody should listen and do what He says. How dare you postpone your response to God’s call, ignore His chastisement, dwell in sin while you enjoy good health, and then when time to reap what you sow comes, you want to reap something you didn’t work for?

God can read into our minds and hearts. When you plan to delay His call for later, He sees all those plans even before you conclude them. God knows what manner of person you are. He knows whether your repentance is in fear of death or in true repentance. Never joke with God because God never jokes with anyone.

I would term people who cling to this belief ‘adversaries’ and I pray that you are not one of them.

Recent Revelations

The revelations I want to quote are not from the Bible but are shared by one person that lived a long time ago and one whom I believe still lives today, these are John Bunyan and Rachael Mushala.

John Bunyan of the 17th century testified of a man whom Bunyan saw in a vision lamenting in hell about this lie which this man believed. The book is freely available online and I want to quote the words written by Bunyan on this men lamented. I quote;

I was told,” said he, ‘by those that I depended on, and that I thought could inform me correctly, that if I said ‘Lord, have mercy on me,’ when I came to die, it would be enough to save me. But oh, now I find myself mistaken, to my eternal sorrow! Alas, I called for mercy on my deathbed, but found it was too late. Before that time, this cursed devil here told me that I was safe. Then on my deathbed, he told me it was too late. Hell must forever be my portion.” page 20.

To read the whole book follow this link: Vision of Heaven and Hell by John Bunyan

There is also a testimony on YouTube by Mushala that gives a clear position on this subject. I recommend that you watch and listen to it in the provided link below. Be blessed.

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