If you have to do something for God you must do it NOW!

God designed the world and its activities in a way that allows for humans to play a part in His work. There is a role God plays and there is that which should be played by us. I believe that there are some things that God will choose not to do in the world unless a human being lends a hand. In that vein, Jesus taught that that which should be done by us humans, should be done without delay. Whenever God calls, we should just respond.

In Gospel of Luke 9:57 – 62, Jesus gives answers to people who give Him excuses for delaying to take up an assignment from Him. These verses paint a picture of how uncompromising Jesus is towards people who give priority to their own interests at the cost of God’s work. Verse 62 makes a clear statement on this when He said, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God”. This is scary because often we put the interests of our parents, children, friends, relatives, pastors or church leaders, our employers, and others first than that which we must do for God.

I would like to reference Genesis 12:1 – 9 as an example of how to respond to God’s call. This is when God called Abram to go from his country, people and his father’s household to a land not specified (verse 1). Abram simply went just as God had told him (verse 4).

Next I will discuss a few of the things that are an assignment from God which we must do as soon as we are conscious of and get conviction in our hearts after having been enlightened on His will.


What is that which man should do for God?

Sometimes we must do things God’s way from obedience. The list that I will give shall focus on some of the things we should do just because it is expected from believers, it might not make sense in worldly terms but we must still do it. For example, if you give, do so just because it is the command from God and not because you hope to get a reward for doing it.

  1. Forgive others. Unless you forgive others you cannot be forgiven, it does not matter the reason for your un-forgiveness. You must not only forgive but also move on to restore fellowship.
  2. Restitute our ways. The Bible talks about restitution and for that reason, we have room to restore that which is not ours. Whatever is in our possession that does not belong to us must be taken back to the owner, including money. Restitution can only be done while you live.
  3. Be upright. Keep time for every event you attend. Keep promises made. Do as you are expected.
  4. Separate ourselves from the love of the world. Some things that are worldly are listed in the Bible yet many are newly invented and should be discerned through the spirit of God. Romans 1:30 tells us that there are people that invent sins. Thus it is not obvious what falls in worldliness and that which does not. It is also the reason why people argue with some of the worldly practices seen amongst believers today.


Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is not easy and the verse in Matthew 10:16 which says, ‘behold, I’m sending you as sheep among wolves…” gives me this impression. May God help us discern the things we have to correct, which we must correct right away.

Be blessed.

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