Biblical model of dealing with an abnormally behaving person – demon possessed

There are people who are into evil practices to the point that they are uncontrollable. This can be the case with people from all walks of life, any age and from any location. A typical example is that of children whose parents don’t even know what to do to bring them to order. They may have even abandoned their homes and live in streets or with friends that are wayward.

If you can relate and are frustrated from having a child or relative that is troublesome in the manner described in the preceding paragraph and are desperate for a solution, please prepare to apply the model I will share which is taken from the Bible. All forms of bad behavior have solutions in the Bible. I can assure you that the same devils that used to make people behave in a funny way in the times of Jesus Christ are the same that make people behave the same way even today. Likewise, the same solution that was used then can be used today in the very same way.

Keep it in mind that all Bible solutions are always given as optional because God’s nature does not force people into doing things His way. I will be quoting a method that Jesus used to deal with a man (the Gospel of Matthew talks about two men) who had turned uncontrollable. From the scriptures, we will learn the role of three characters:

  1. Jesus Christ
  2. Humans
  3. Devils

This story is recorded in Mark 5:1 – 20, Luke 8: 26 – 39 and Matthew 8:28 – 34. There a slight differences but many similarities in the three referenced portions. I suggest you read these portions before you read the sections that follow.


What demons do

Demons can possess or control a person. Demons are a spirit and it does look like they can do much on their own but need a human body to operate. Likewise, they preferred to get into pigs as opposed to the bottomless pit referred to in the book of Luke.

The Bible records that demons made the man stay naked and live in tombs. According to Matthew, these two men were very violent such that no one could pass by next to where they lived. According to Mark, the man could not even be bound by chains because he could tear the chains apart. Night and day he would cry and cut himself with stones. The truth stands that even today demons possess people and force them to live in awkward places, do strange things to others and themselves.

In our day to day activities, we should pray to God to protect us from being influenced by the evil spirits to behave in a certain manner. Evil spirits are comfortable in anonymity as we often would think it is just our normal behavior or just our thoughts and decisions. I cover some instances of the devil’s anonymity in the article ‘Demons amongst us, their work and how to deal with them’. However, according to Abraham Yakubu’s testimony, some sins cannot be counted on the devil’s influence as all humans must overcome the flesh, the world, the devil and sin.

We also learn that demons never contest against Jesus Christ, rather they pray to Him. They know that whatever He says must be done. These demons, and other demons, behave the same before Jesus. It is an interesting discovery that demons will always obey Jesus’ command.


What Jesus does

In this portion, we learn that Jesus commands evil spirits out of the man. He alone has that power. I know that some other earthly methods exit yet all they do is let the devil practice his deception tactics. The devil would always want to make people believe he is not around as already stated in previous sections. We also learn that demons give answers when asked by Jesus. It is the only time they tell the truth when they are under the command of His voice.

We also learn that Jesus answer prayers, He even answers prayers of the demons. Jesus also obeys people’s will. In this story we learn that the community requested Him to leave the area and He did. However, we also learn that Jesus gives advice. When the man who had been possessed by demons prayed or asked from Jesus to walk away with Him, Jesus objected and sent the man off to share the good news of his deliverance.


What humans do

Humans are at liberty to pray to Jesus. Humans also can reject Jesus and He can leave them alone. Humans have the will and right to practice what they decide, even when it is against the words of Jesus. Humans can cash out demons by the power given to them by Jesus. This is revealed in the book of Luke 9:1 when Jesus sent out His twelve disciples. The Bible says, “…he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases’. As already stated, bad behavior and undesired character, particularly when it is against what the Bible teaches is largely influenced by evil spirits.


How to deal with a demon possessed person

Prayer, serious prayer, is the solution to bring a person to the right mind. The prayer that works is of the righteous man (James 5:16) and he that pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ himself prayed, even fasted for 40 days and nights. Some demons are stubborn and only respond to prayers that are combined with fasting (Matthew 17:21).

Often we would notice an evil behavior on someone but wonder how we can get the person thinking the right way. This is true even with the people that are mentally unstable. The Bible tells us that when Jesus had instructed the demons out the man, this man became sober. This is surely what Jesus can do for our loved ones if we follow His example of dealing with demons and unwanted behavior.

I believe if you take time to pray and seek further guidance from God, you will uncover lots of other strengths in Christianity. I highly recommend this model.

Be blessed.

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