To the one who has just been saved – get some spiritual milk

It always saddens me to learn of a person that accepted Jesus Christ as his or her Lord and savior at one point but later on go back to live a sinful life. I’m also undoubtedly sure that God Himself is not happy with that as scriptures do confirm in Hebrews 10:38. In this post I will attempt to enlighten the newly saved believer on how to strengthen the new born life in Christ. Needless to say, even a long time saved Christian will benefit from this post.


The Word of God

Being a freshly born again believer makes you a true spiritual baby. All you need is food for you Spiritual life to grow. Just like a new born baby in real life, you need some milk. This milk is the Word of God just as it is written in 1 Peter 2:2. Note that not all Bible translations will mention the Word of God as the pure milk n this verse but if you read the King James Version, this will come out clear.

The word of God is inspired by God Himself (2 timothy 3:16). Likewise, all mankind is inspired by God, just as Genesis 2:7 tells us. To me, it makes sense that the soul is fed by the words that come from God’s mouth, just as Matthew 4:4 says. The Bible and the soul have on common factor, the breath of God in it.

Yes it is true that whenever you want to listen to God speaking to you at any given time in your life, you must just pick the Bible and read. You don’t need a miracle worker or someone else to tell you what God is saying to you but you just have to read the Bible. It is the Bible that will tell you how to live your life. It is the Bible that will help you expand your knowledge on how to pray the right way, preach, help others and many more things that Christians are called to practice.


How to read the Bible

People often say that experience is the best teacher. I wish to share my experience on how I and my family reads the Bible. We didn’t copy this method anywhere yet it has worked for us.

In the morning, I and my wife read a whole chapter from the Old Testament and in the evening the entire family reads from the New Testament. We started from Genesis with the intention to read the entire Bible. In the New Testament, we started from the book of Matthew.

It is amazing how the Old and the New Testament compliments each other. Even though we often read sections in the New Testament, without necessarily reading the whole chapter, we have learnt that there is a great connect between the two testaments. We read small sections for the benefit of our three young boys who may not be ready to comprehend a whole chapter of the Bible. We also don’t want to keep them long before they retire to bed. We believe that the end of day devotion should not be very long.

Please note that my approach may not be the fastest way to read through the entire Bible but it can work wonderfully if you are faithful in practicing it. I have learnt of people who read through the Bible more than once in a year. It is my desire too to get to that level.

As you know, the Bible is bulky and it requires one to be committed to keep reading to the end. This is a challenge I want you to be clear about.



Life has lessons on how to keep things alive. For example, if you plant a tree and not water it, it will dry up and die. If you keep animals and never bother to feed them, they surely will starve to death. Likewise, if we don’t feed our souls with the Word of God, we will surely starve our souls and eventually die.

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I’m a believer in Jesus Christ. It has been revealed to me through the study of the Word of God, teachings of other men of God and testimonies that God has given us His grace just so we can share it among ourselves in the process leading each other to God. I invite you to learn who our God is with me in this blog…be blessed!

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