Do not confuse the Christian ‘Good Friday’ for the Worldly ‘Easter’

History has it that the day of Good Friday came after that of Easter. Good Friday is a celebration of the death of Jesus Christ and therefore it started after His death. Normally, this celebration would extend to the resurrection day of Jesus, which is the Sunday that falls in the next two days. Though Easter is said to have origins in the Bible during the Babel time according to Paul S. Taylor, it is not what Christians of the New Testament age should entertain or even participate in.


Good Friday to the Christian

Many people, Christians included, never consider what Jesus expects Christians to do on the celebrated days of Good Friday. I can tell you with confidence that Jesus is always looking forward to have fellowship with His own in this particular weekend. He surely would count you in for the weekend long fellowship with Him if you profess Christianity. Unfortunately, many Christians do not honor this day because they prioritize other interests. The gentle Jesus Christ will not force anyone to church or into fellowship with Him for any reasons. However, if you are sensitive to His Spirit, you will feel guilty for absconding. Your conscious will condemn you.

The day of Good Friday, as well as the other two days, is meaningful to the Christian such that all else should give way to this celebration. No Christian should plan for any other activity on this day other than giving himself or herself time to celebrate this wonderful time with God. It is not expected for a Christian to forgo the Good Friday weekend for a family holiday, entertainment, sports or any other event that would stop the believer from attending church.


What Easter is all about

Easter is marked by bunny and eggs. It is not a Christian term. It is marked by fertility, which is the spirit of sex.

“Easter” is simply one of the names of a woman who mightily deceived the world and whose religion has caused untold suffering and misery.[14] She was clearly an enemy of the true God, and her son Tammuz was an anti-Christ, a false messiah that ultimately deceived millions…quote from Paul S. Taylor.

I implore everyone, including Christians, to shun from calling the Good Friday celebration where Christians should be devoting themselves to God “Easter”. Doing so is worldly and promotes the devil’s intention to cloud the wonderful time of Good Friday.



It is not recommended for a Christian to forgo Good Friday for any other activity. It is also not right to pronounce Easters when you mean Good Friday. None of these glorifies God, the first and foremost call for mankind.

The devil is working hard to make everyone forget about Jesus Christ because he knows that his time is limited (Revelation 12:12). Many people have lost their lives during Good Friday time when they shouldn’t have if they had dedicated this time to God. A Christian who forgoes devotion to Christ for any other personal delight risks going to hell if s/he happens to die during that time. Christians are a sure target for Satan during Good Friday and if they give him a chance, they may later regret it.

Non-Christians are called to convert first but while they are not Christians, they are also not free to do whatever they like during Good Friday but then a non-believer is not within the confines of Christian doctrine.

To the Christian, never take Good Friday for granted, it is one special time where Christians all over the world come together in one voice to celebrate their savior Jesus Christ.

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