Demons amongst us, their work and how to deal with them

Demons or evil spirits are real and so is Satan. In this post I will stick to the word ‘demons’, which is a name that ‘evil spirits’ are often referred to. These are spirits that work under the authority of Satan. The Bible teaches that demons can enter and possess a person and cause that person to do all sorts of inhuman and evil things.

It does seem like demons cannot do much on their own in the world but they need a human body or even an animal body to manifest its powers. We will learn more about this later as we relate to instances where people and animals were under control of demons. It is humans that allow demons to be creative even about religious things, causing confusion and creating new sins (Romans 1:30). Animals can be possessed too but demons enter them under human instructions just as Jesus sent them off into pigs according to Mark 5. We know that today people use animals to fulfill some of their witchcraft activities.

The sad part is that people often fail to notice or realize demons’ presence and their works amongst them. I will reference three accounts from the Bible, two from the New Testament and the other from the Old testament, where demons entered people and controlled them. I will then share a spreading false belief that Christians are adopting which I strongly believe is a result of the works of demons.

First and second accounts

The true story in Mark 5:2 – 13 tells us of a man who was demon possessed. I believe that the same demons that tortured this man still exist even today. They may have grown in knowledge and adjusted to suit today’s environment but they are still demons. They may have also been assigned other duties or remain locked up somewhere in the devil’s camp for various reasons. We are told that the demons forced the man to live in burial caves and made him uncontrollable. This man could snap chains and smash shackles. Something that a person in his right state cannot do.

In Acts 5:3, we hear Peter asking Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost…” It is Satan that filled the heart of this man. I am convinced that Ananias thought that he was just discussing with his wife and didn’t notice that the devil and filled their hearts. The demons often take an anonymous position in our activities.

Third account

The account of David having been entered by Satan in 1 Chronicles 21 give us evidence of possible devil’s influence in what we do. I do believe that a person that does thing that are contrary to what the Bible teaches is influenced by demons, just like David was when he did what God forbid.


Today demons influence and sometimes force people to live in bottle stores, bars and many other camps of evil doing. Many sneak out of their parents and guardian custody just to quench their forceful evil desires. Children and adults alike are caught in the snares of fornication, adultery, drunkenness, cheating, anger, drug abuse, lying, theft, etc.

How to deal with demons

The good thing is that a person can decide not to do what the devil influences him or her to do. However, this can only be possible if a person welcomes Jesus to help out. Jesus has the power to cast out demons just as He did to the man according to Mark 5. In Matthew 4, we also learn that quoting scriptures to the devil is one effective way to deal with demons. It therefore is a given that a person who memorizes scriptures is in a better position to deal with the demons.

The questionable teaching in churches today

Among many teachings that I believe are influenced by Satan and demons in our time is that scriptures that are not supported by other scriptures are invalid. Such belief says that if you cant quote another verse that supports a certain thought from anywhere in the Bible, you have no grounds to exhort people on it. In other words, it can be ignored and who ever violates it can go away with it even before God. I differ from this thought because 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us that all scripture is inspired by God, even if its one verse from anywhere in the Bible.


When we enter into God’s judgement, we will be facing the judge one-on-one. It will be your word against the judge and what the Bible says. The word of God lasts forever and nothing shall ever change it (Psalm 119:89). Be wise and do what the Bible teaches and you life will be a pleasing sight to God.

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