Being used by God does not guarantee you Heaven

I write this article because of worry for Christians who are used by God so mightily yet in their lives there are traces of disobedience to what the Holy Bible teaches. I am not is a position to judge because it is wrong but I shall exhort. For example, when a Christian pastor engages in extra marital affairs, is worldly, short tempered and loves money, then everyone knows that that person is not living a life worthy of Christ. In other words, that person will not make it to Heaven. The plain truth is that such a man need to truly repent.

There are those pastors who are used by God in such a way that all over the place they have testimonials on how God has used them to change other people’s lives. Many are shown on television, newspapers, radio stations and many other public forums where information of God’s power manifestation is shown.

What has Jesus got to say about this?

Jesus forewarned believers that when mighty things of God happen through them it does not always mean they are in a good stand with God. So many Christians delight in miracles, accurate prophecies, gifts of the spirit and many Christ like activities, and forget that those things don’t make them clean before God. No unclean thing will enter Heaven (Revelation 21:27). Hear Jesus when He says, ‘…‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ (Matthew 7:23). Many will quote these manifestations and claim that as a license to pass through God’s judgement (verse 22). Do not be deceived or deceive yourself, and find yourself in the position Jesus was talking about in these verses.

Jesus’ words in this portion tells us that when He speaks to us today about our sins through various means (How God speaks to people today) and we ignore Him, He cancels our relationship with Him in totality. However, Jesus’ power can still be mightily and accurately manifested through us.

The message to you

I would like for you to note some of the things we do for God, which He often uses to manifest His power through, they include the following:

  1. Ministering in song

  2. Fasting and praying

  3. Evangelism

  4. Participating in church programmes

  5. Attending Bible study

The above listed activities are good and they are serious God’s business, but they are not at all a license to enter Heaven. The greatest worry other than all these other things you do for God is that your name should be written in the Lambs book of life (Luke 10:20).

In like manner, don’t be tempted to copy someone’s life because s/he is mightily used by God and ignore what the Holy Bible teaches. You must know that commanding authority for you comes form the Holy Bible and not from anyone in the world. Before God we shall present ourselves without representation by any other person. In judgement, there are no lawyers and advocates.

The same God that judged Sodom and Gomorrah is the same God that will judge you and me. He is as harsh as He was in the recorded Old Testament stories. Jesus Christ did not change God before coming to the world. I wish Christians would grasp this truth and work at purifying themselves and not just being used of Him.


I implore you – LOVE YOUR SOUL to the point that you will do anything it takes for you to remain pure in the sight of God.

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