Desiring more than what God has given you is sin

Don’t let anyone deceive you to believe that you can have everything you want because you are a Christian. What you have is what God has given you and that should satisfy you. Some pastors, preachers, bishops and televangelists have appeared on global television channels declaring that some people possess less than they should have and therefore should do something to improve their position.

The Bible is our guide in our Christian life. It is from the Bible that we know that all good things come from God (James 1:17). It is only God who decides who gets what, how much of it and when. However, if you device your schemes to acquire whatever you want, you may succeed in worldly terms yet in the sight of God that kind of success is as good as rubble. It must be known that some Christians will never have the privilege to own a car, a house, an academic qualification, yet they are still blessed.

Christians that desire more than what God has given them open themselves up for abuse by those who devise schemes to cheat and rob them of their hard earned money. Please note that the kind of desire I’m talking about here is that which would lead someone to fall into sin because of what they wish to own. It is good to be of great possession but it comes with lots of challenges. Jesus once taught that it is easier for a camel to passed through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter Heaven (Matthew 19:24).


Scriptural position

Before I go to the mostly used and relevant verse found in the book of Hebrews where the Bible exhorts believers to be content with what they have, I want to quote some verses in the book of Judges 11. Here we learn about Jephthah who was brave to face the Ammonites who were enemies to the children of Israel. Jephthah could recall and declare what God had done with boldness to the enemy. He knew what belonged to the Israelites and could stand for it. At the same time, he was not willing to take that which did not belong to the children of Israel. The Bible in says that Jephthah was a great warrior.

In verse 15, Jephthah denies the claim that the Israelites had stolen some land from Ammon. In verse 23 to 24, Jephthah does not give credit or glory to any other for the land owned by the Israelites but God. His attitude is that of being content in just what God had given them. He utterly renounced any land that did not belong to them. I like verse 24 and would like to quote it as recorded in the New Living Translation version:

You keep whatever your god Chemosh gives you, and we will keep whatever the LORD our God gives us”

Jephthah did not desire that which was given by a false god of that which did not belong to the Israelites.

In the book of Hebrews 13:5, the Bible says,

Don’t love money; be satisfied with what you have. For God has said, ‘I will never leave you. I will never abandon you’”

If you believe that your life is ordered by God, there is no need for you desire more than what you already have. However, these verses do not suggest that Christians should be lazy and live on handouts or on cheap or substandard levels. Christians should start and run businesses and increase their earnings in a legal ways but never fight for extended territories than what is given to them at a given time by God.


Who is to blame when you are robbed of your money?

It is not the preacher’s fault or that of a messenger for you to believe and practice a wrong thing when you can read the Bible and pray to God for clarification on your own. As a matter of fact, when God’s judgment comes upon you, the excuse of having been misled by someone else will not be acceptable.

Why is it difficult for believers to count their blessing and thank God for them than to desire more than what they already have? Scam artists that are also in our churches today will take advantage of believers who fail to see and acknowledge God’s gifts of the cars, houses, children, clothes, education, jobs, family, friends, etc. that are a blessing to them. Be warned, God is not happy with people that are not content with what He has given them. Rather, be anxious of nothing but let your requests be known to God through prayer and supplication and thanksgiving (Philippians 4:6).

Watch out for the sins that come with the desire for possession. They include jealousy, theft, envy, malice, love for money and murder. If you realize that you are trapped in these sins or your church leadership is deceiving you in this area, pull out of that church and find another one.  Pray to God for deliverance and get a fresh start into how you would want to receive more from God.

Be blessed.

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