Dishonest gain, Corruption and all sins shall not go unpunished

I write this article to comfort the child of God who works at pleasing God at all cost yet he or she still feels like God is not taking up on those that benefit from sinful practices. Such people may even ridicule, mock and make all sorts of negative comments about Christendom. God will not let the evil person go unpunished for his or her sins (Proverbs 11:21). On the contrary, God rewards people that obey His commandments.

Child of God, do not forget that everything that we do, our thoughts and our words go into God’s records. There is not even a single action that ever goes unnoticed, no matter how small it might be. This is true for every living person, no matter his or her position. I have written a full article with supporting scriptures on how each individual’s records are kept for judgment on the post ‘God, the Angels and you!’

The Bible in the book of Judges 9 gives an excellent example of a person who had qualities of corruption, selfishness and evil heart who succeeded in life not knowing that God was taking note of all his actions.  He didn’t know that God will soon revenge on behalf of the people he took advantage of. The same God who ensured that Abimelech receives his reward from his sinful acts is the same God even today. He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).


Schemes of dishonest gain

Depending on various factors, you may not be aware of the evil going on in the world. Some people invent schemes to steal, rob and manipulate others for various reasons and this is a daily activity as confirmed in scriptures (Romans 1:30).  Such people are an abomination to God and He is angry at them every day (Psalm 5:5).

If you want to have a closer look at evil schemes, you may take time to search in politics, businesses, cults, games, government departments/companies and private organizations. Even if you look in general media houses you will come to learn of the corrupt, embezzlers and all sorts of unclean schemes in newspapers, radio stations and televisions. Some businesses have been set up just to help other people take unclean routes to what they do not deserve. Child of God, know this that this is not new or unique to our generation. The Bible has a number of records of such evil practices.


The scheme of Abimelech

Just from verse 1, we learn that Abimelech knew that his household had been given authority to rule over the nation of Shechem. He knew that there was no one particular person chosen in his house to rule the nation and he was selfish to want it all for himself. He devised a scheme to appoint himself into the leadership position. He abused the relationship he had with the people for selfish gain.

Abimelech visited his uncles, engaged them with the idea of having one person to rule over the nation and not the entire 70 who were of his household. Out of love, his uncles spread the message across the nation of Shechem. The people accepted the idea and funded it. Abimelech used the funds to hire troublemakers who helped him kill 70 of his half-brothers.

Luckily for Abimelech, his scheme worked according to plan and he was made king over the people of Shechem. This was seen as great success in the eyes of the world. The child of God may also feel disappointed at God when such happens. Questions that may come to mind include those on why would God allow evil people to succeed? When you see this happening, I strongly suggest you keep praying for the people that do such to repent and forsake their sinful ways as opposed to envying them. Such a person can only save himself or herself from God’s anger by repenting and doing all the necessary restitution. Dishonest gains often last for a very short time, just as the case was for Abimelech. The Bible tells that that Abimelech only ruled for three years and then God started to revenge for the innocent.

If the sinner tarries to rectify his or her wrong doing, God will raise someone to bring such deeds into the open just as happened with Abimelech. Chaos started when God sent a spirit to stir up trouble between Abimelech and the leading citizens of Shechem. Another scheme to fight Abimelech was set and eventually he was killed.



There are a lot of other examples of people that thought they could disobey God and go away with it who later ended in shame. In the book of Joshua 7 we learn of Achan who later brought the entire nation of Israel to shame.

Pleasures of sin are only for a moment. It may not be obvious to many but God never lets the evil person go away with it. You may succeed in hiding your sins before men but you cannot hide them in the sight of God. Sadly, many get carried away in their evil deeds such that they forget about reconciling with God until they die and go to hell.

Be wise, do not be deceived, if it’s not in God’s way, don’t do it, don’t try it.


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