You have no excuse for rejecting God and His Son Jesus Christ

What God has done with his own hands is proof that He alone is mighty. The Bible in the book of Romans 1 confirms that what we already know and see in our daily lives tells us of the divinity of God. The Bible quotes the world and the sky as an example of good works that reveals who God is. Truly the works of God include the air that we breathe, the strength in our bodies, the ability to think, the willpower to do as we want, the animals of the land and sea, birds of the sky, etc. No other power or authority can grant these wonderful gifts to mankind but of God. Sadly, we have gotten so used to to these things such that we call them natural and ignore the fact that they are works of God.

The Bible in the book of Romans chapter 1:20 tells us that we have no excuse of not knowing God since we have seen these things. When you read from verse 18, you get to learn that God is very angry with people that do not want to worship Him and these are people that keep denying Him in favor of other gods. These are the people who have decided to worship that which God has created instead of worshiping Him, the creator.

I also want to emphasise the point on God’s anger. No one will escape God’s anger no matter who that person is. These are not my words but they are from the Bible. If at all what I have written is questionable to you the reader, take courage in studying the holy Bible to confirm these claims.

The calamity of the rebellious

Do you want to know why people that reject Christianity don’t like this message? It is because God has seen the rebellion in their hearts and decided to abandon them (verse 24). I wish I were not saying this but again it is not me but God saying it through the Bible. The rebellious that don’t want to accept this truth risk the fate of going astray forever. Apparently, God does not have time to play games with anyone. According to the book of Numbers chapter 23:19, God is not joking with anyone and what He says remains as it is forever because He is not a son of man to change His mind. “God is not joking with anyone”.

Sins of the world

The Bible in Romans 1 lists a sizable number of the sins that are an abomination to God. Even if are a Christian, I would encourage you to visit these verses just so you are sensetised on these abominable practices. We are called to workout our salvation with fear and trembling and therefore must take note of these things (Phillipians 2:12).

According to Romans 1:30, people that are not of God invent sins. This is the reason why often there is confusion amongst Christians on some things and practices as to whether they are sins or not. A Christian therefore needs the Holy Spirit in order to descene that which is right and that which is not.

Verse 32 says that these people know that these things are not good and those that practice them deserve to die but they still do it anyway. According to this verse, the worst thing is that such people go on to influence others to sin against God. It is worth noting that often people that influence others to sin are most likely unaware of it. For example, the people that teach any other religion but Christianity.

It is scary to learn that some of the sins mentioned in the Bible are allowed or accepted in some Christ professing groups. These are the likes of homosexuality and drunkenness. Therefore, watch closely which church you go to and what you believe in.


The message of Christ is about your precious soul. There’s no point in me compromising on the truth because the truth does not change. In simple language, if you’re not a Christian you are lost. There’s no way around it, you must except Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and confess Him then you shall be saved. Unless you do that, forget about heaven.

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I'm a believer in Jesus Christ. It has been revealed to me through the study of the Word of God, teachings of other men of God and testimonies that God has given us His grace just so we can share it among ourselves in the process leading each other to God. I invite you to learn who our God is with me in this blessed!

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