Christian, know your authority!

Do you know why we Christians always argue about sins? The reason is that we do not know our authority.

You may have asked yourself how do some Christians read and interpreat the Bible because they omit some obvious commandments. It is true, Christians are clouded in a number of things, particularly sins, including the following:

  1. Is it sin to pray with your eyes open?
  2. Is it sin to divorce your wife and marry another one while your first wife is still alive?
  3. Is it sin for woman to wear trousers?
  4. Is it sin to wear facial make up, plant a weave, artificial nails, etc?
  5. Is it sin to do oral sex for married couples?
  6. Is it sin to be a homosexual?
  7. Is it sin to have more than one wife?
  8. Is it sin to come late for church?
  9. Is it sin to host a party?
  10. Is it sin to attend a circular event?
  11. Is it sin to watch the circular programs on television?
  12. Is it sin to masturbate?
  13. Is it sin to eat a lot of food?
  14. Is it sin to make jokes?
  15. Is it sin To have sex with your wife when she is having her periods?
  16. What happens when we die?
  17. What defines the love of the world in what we see around us?

The list goes on and on. Often there’s no one answer to such questions. Even when Christians debate on these issues, they never get to clear conclusions. This becomes very confusing because Christians should have one straight answer to every problem. This is simply because there’s  only one Bible that Christians should use.

Your authority

Indeed the Bible is our authority. If something is not written in the Bible, you have a right to reject it. No one should toss you around with canning words but you should be firm in what the Bible says (Ephesians 4:14). Even when the messenger claim to have heard from God.

You need to combine what the Bible teaches with what the Holy Spirit says. This is because we live with the Holy Spirit under the New Covernant.  If you are not filled with the Holy Spirit you are bound to mess up (Ephesians 5:18). It should be every Christian’s prayer that the Holy Spirit should fill them up every moment. It is important that whenever you get time to pray you invite the Holy Spirit to indwell you. It is he that will guide a believer to the truth just as the Bible says (John 16:13).

Please note this very important truth. Sins are invented daily by people that do not fear God. Romans chapter 1:30 tell us this fact. Therefore, sins of today may not be recorded in the Bible in the same way as they are practiced today. However, the Bible covers all about sin. It is just that the Holy Spirit assists by explaining these things to us. He can only do if we let him. We need not be stubborn but we have to be sensitive and prayerful in our walk of faith.

Trust me, in judgment you will be asked on what the Bible said and what the Holy Spirit said to you when you had questions. In other words, in heaven you can quote scriptures and get away with it. The same Bible that we read is the same word of God which reigns in Heaven.

God will send his message to you in many ways including sending other people to share an insight with you in an area that confuses you. Some of your answers may come in the form of sermons, testimonies, Bible teachings, revelations, vision, etc. The principle is being honest to yourself and never ignore the Holy Spirit’s chastisement but listen attentively and do as he instructs. The Christian life is about you and you alone. When you are judged, you will not be excused for having believed what somebody else said but what the Bible taught and what the Holy Spirit said to you. You can lie to man but not to the Holy Spirit. Ananias and Sapphira tried it and they were not successful.

Now, go back to the list and check with the Bible and the Holy Spirit if these things are sins or not. Anyone who refers you elsewhere other than the Bible and the Holy Spirit is misleading you.

Be blessed.

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