Why should you care if God is angry with you?

God is angry at people that live in sin and this is a daily thing. This is declared by David in the book of Psalm 5:5. For a long time I had been under the misconception that God hates sin but loves the sinner but after seeing these verses, I learnt that God hates a sinner. Therefore, if you are a sinner and you don’t care about Christianity, know this unchanging fact that God your creator hates you.

It has always been my prayer that God should show me articles that I already have posted in this blog which are not in line with what His word teaches. From the correction of my misconception, I had to correct one of my articles that I wrote way back in 2012 which was titled ‘Hate rape but love the rapist’. I’m greateful to God for answering my prayers because I’m clear that I will give an account before Him one day on what I posted in this blog.

Before I even address the question, I would like to highlight a few things that we should know about the natural as well as spiritual set up. This is something we cannot do anything to change it but it is just as it is.

  1. The soul is eternal. When God breathed into the body at creation (Genesis 2:7), He was breathing eternity into the body. A person has a beginning but has no end. Once you are born, you shall exist forever even after the physical death. You do not have a soul but you are a soul.
  2. The devil means business about destroying people. His mission is to get as many people into hell as he possibly can. If it means the whole world goes to hell, it is fine with him. When I talk about people I mean souls. The soul of a person is very precious and two forces fight for it, God and the devil, yet the soul has the power to chose the one to follow.
  3. The body is a license to keep the soul in this world. If the body stops functioning, that is if a person dies, the soul has no right to stay in this world. He who has a body has the right to use the body either for God or for the devil. Clearly, God needs a soul in a body to perform His word in the world, likewise, the devil works through the body to manifest his evil works. Therefore, what you do with your body counts for whether God is happy with you or not.
  4. You are going to die, no matter how useful you are to the world. Never be deceived to believe that if your work is not yet done in this world you will live on. That is a lie of the devil which is very common amongst believers.

These four points form a good base for me to answer the question as to why we should worry about God getting angry at us if we live in weakedness. It is important to know the nature of God so that we know what will befall us if we disobey His commandments.

  1. God does not change. What He says is what prevails. The devil is very clear about this. The devil knows clearly that he has not chance to reconcile with God because God does not change His mind. The Bible confirms this in many verses such as Numbers 23:19. A soul that disobeys God shall die. I’m sure you do not want to be in the list of those that will be rejected by God in judgement.
  2. Wisdom is only in God. If for any reason you believe in any other source of wisdom, you are deceived. All other wisdom is fake because Job 12:13 and Proverbs 8:11 advises that only God has wisdom.
  3. Denying the truth does not change it. A lot of Americans did not believe that Donald Trumps had won the elections and was to be their president for the next four years. Many lived in denial but that did not change because it was the truth. God has said so many things that have come to pass yet some people still deny His infallibility.

You have every reason to worry and correct your error when you are not in a good relationship with God. You are better of making the change as soon as you realise your error. If you are not clear on how to correct your error, seek guidance from other Christians and take time to search the scriptures to discover the truth on your own. Pray about it and God will surely guide you to the truth.

Be blessed.

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