How to be sure you are Heaven bound

How can a Christian know without a doubt that s/he shall make it for Heaven when s/he dies? The Bible is clear that not everyone that say Lord to Jesus will inherit Heaven but only those that do the will of God have that guarantee (Matthew 7:21). In fact, Jesus is clear that His assignment is from God and that His purpose is to do that which God wants. This is declared in John 6:38; 40 and John 4:34.

The fact that a person goes to church, gives offering and sacrificial services, serves in ministry, tithes, etc. does not warrant an automatic entry into Heaven. I, the son of Mandla Sipho Dube and Siphiwe Mashaya, do not deceive myself to believe that making it to Heaven is easy but are on a mission to fervently workout my salvation with the sole intention to inherit Heaven (Philippians 2:12).

It is our calling to victoriously run the race of faith till the end (Hebrews 12:1 – 2). I have discussed this subject with some people and unveiled through scripture the difficulty of making it to Heaven after this life. The road is narrow just as Jesus Christ declared in Matthew 7:14.

I note one woman who often says that the way it is so challenging to make it to Heaven is discouraging. She feels like it’s easier not to try but simply prepare oneself for hell. I clearly understand where she comes from but I have a message for people that think like her, “hell is not worth any reason to give up on Christianity”. I have written a number of articles that give insight into how hell feels and looks.

This blog also exists to empower readers to have a clear understanding of what it takes to make it for Heaven. Some of my articles that talk about the requirements set by God in His word for making it to Heaven are the following:

  1. Warning on taking God’s instructions for granted
  2. The call for urgent restitution for all
  3. The only way is to work for God and for His glory
  4. The danger in taking everything we do for granted
  5. Don’t find yourself lamenting – Alas, had I known I would have listened!


After reading these articles and confirming what they teach through searching the scriptures, you will agree that it seems impossible to make it to Heaven even to the most righteous. Surely it is not easy to make it to Heaven and Romans 3:10 says that no one is righteous and that only justification through Jesus Christ would save a soul.


Answers to the topic question:


  1. Continuously test your position with Jesus Christ


If you have this hope, you must work at checking yourself if you are in good position with Jesus Christ or not. The Bible calls it ‘purifying yourself’ according to 1 John 3:3. This practice should be as frequent as possible. This could be after a meeting, a general conversation, a telephonic conversation, a though, a deed, etc. do it because it matters.


Pray for guidance at all times. If you are enlightened through reading the Bible, listening to testimonies, revelations, visions and through others that preach and exhort you, make every humanly possible effort to correct that error. Make sure that you take the right action as soon as you can. The Bible is clear that there is no guarantee that you will be alive in the next moment (James 4:13 – 14) and therefore it is important to do things immediately.


If you want to plead with Jesus for anything, including the request to make it to Heaven, do it while you alive in this world. Your pleading can only work for you while you are in this world.


  1. Pray, pray, pray for guidance


There is no time at which a believer should be unholy. Any thought and deed that one does can lead to hell. If you happen to die while you are in sin, you are going straight to hell. Abraham Yakubu once said that if you are listening to someone telling a lie and you laugh, if the two of you die at that moment, you are both going to hell. God cannot behold iniquity by any means (Habakkuk 1:13).


John 16:13 informs us that the Holy Spirit will guide us unto the truth. That is why we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit of God at all times. Don’t ever deceive yourself to believe that you have reached a stage where you have attained purity of heart to impress God. You just have to be responsive to His call and do your best to please Him.


It may look like I’m taking away all hope you have of making it to Heaven. I’m sorry that I have to tell you the truth because it never changes. It would not help any of us to live a lie and find comfort in less than what God expects from us. God will not accept a close to perfect life but He calls every one into perfection. You are free to search scriptures on your own to verify what I have written in this post.


Be blessed.

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  1. Are we to be anxious of this at all times as if we have no hope?

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