The devil knows time very well – be warned!

The Bible will never lie to you and what it says is true and shall come to pass. It gives details of everything we need to know about the deep things of the spiritual world, its operation now and that which shall happen in the future. The Bible exposes the thoughts, efforts and plans of our enemy – the devil. You surely will ignore Bible warnings about the devil at your peril.

I will talk about time and the devil’s understanding about it. Time is precious just as we often say. Once one missuses it or lets it pass without doing what is to be done, it is lost for good. The devil is clear about this reality. It is unfortunate that we humans often take that value of time for granted. Not the devil, he knows clearly that his time limited (Revelation 12:12). The devil works out his jobs in fury. This is with urgency as all opportunities mean a lot to him.

Estimating the devil’s time

Our knowledge about the spiritual world is limited but we know that the devil existed before the world was created. That is why the first people encounter him because he existed already by then. In our human terms, this was long time ago and we could estimate this to thousands of years yet it still is a short time from then and now. From then, the devil used his time with Eve to achieve his goal of creating enmity between God and people.

So many generations have come and gone and yet time is still short. If you read Job 4:14 where the bible teaches that humans don’t even know what will happen to them the next day and calls them to the realisation of their life to be as short as a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. It means therefore that even the man who lived the longest time in the world, which according to the Bible he lived for 969 years (Genesis 5:27). It is all a short time to its true sense.

The devil still has a short mist to do his work. This generation is surely living in the real last days and the devil is clear about this too. The Bible tells us of indicators of the last days including some prophecies that many of which have been fulfilled and some are being fulfilled in our time. The devil’s time will soon be over.

It is however worth noting that the devil has a slightly extended time than any single person because he lives all throughout all the generations of the world.

Wisdom on using our time

It is no doubt, our time is limited and judgement is ahead. How then should we live our lives in the little time we have in this world? All the things that God has instructed for humans to do must be partly done by you. Some of our deliverables are mandatory for every believer. This includes evangelising to others, praying, fasting and giving.

The Bible is clear that there shall come a time where no one will have the capability to do some work, therefore, God’s work should be done now (John 9:4). This gives us the impression that when the time is over, people will want to get chances to do what they should have done for God. One may ask as to what work is the Bible talking about. The answers are in the Holy Bible.

Just as I mentioned in the beginning of this article, the Bible will never lie to you. The sooner you start doing the work, the better.

Be blessed.

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