Understanding eternity – an attempted explanation

It is very difficult to understand and clearly explain what eternity is unless you experience it. I have not experienced it yet but I know that one day I will enter into it. I thank God that the Bible is always at my disposal to teach me about it. nevertheless, I will attempt to explain it the way it has been enlightened to me by the Bible and some people that have had revelations about it.


Reality about humans

Once you are born, you have started a non-ending journey. You shall live forever, whether you like it or not, you believe it or not. You cannot shut this reality out of your life, even if you may deny it but you can’t change it. All people live on forever.

The shortest time of human life start up is life in this world. This life is very short. Get it from Paul when he said that our lives are like a smoke that rises and soon it is gone (James 4:14). From the very same verse we learn that our short earthly life is full of uncertainties. The Bible goes on and informs us that after this life, all people then move on into another level where they face judgment. Each and everyone’s judgement will be very accurate because Angels do their work so diligently they cannot lie (see the post ‘God, the Angels and You!’). Judgement is relevant because a person must live on forever after this life.


When we die, our will is taken away from us. The opportunities to do good, restitute our ways, resist evil, please God, dedicate time to seeking God’s will for your life are all gone. They are gone forever. If you have been on denial of this fact, reality makes you lament lost opportunities because you then have no control at all on what happens to you. You may wish for something but you are never able to take even the slightest move towards fulfilling that desire. You become completely incapable of auctioning.

I, you and all the people around you will die one day. You are going to die and face eternity.


Explaining eternity

There are many verses that talk about eternity.

  1. Romans 6:23 – eternal life in union with the Messiah Jesus our Lord, who is a free gift to us, is assured.
  2. John 5:24-25 – Jesus affirmatively declares that hearing and believing what He says and that which God wants has eternal life.
  3. John 6:47 – anyone who believes has eternal life.

Eternity is assured. If you had to empty the sea using a spoon you would do it to the end and still have to do it over and over again and still never end redoing it. it is an endless position that has been given to us when God breathed unto us as recorded in Genesis 2:7.

Eternity is not a television that you can shut it down. It is not something you can quit, you cannot escape it. It is an absolute and permanent lockout. Everyone that ever lived in this world is alive somewhere in eternity.

This brings me to the reality of hell. Hell is eternal just life Heaven is. I have written a number of articles about hell in this blog. Once you are there, there is nowhere to run for safety. To get some start in learning about hell I recommend the following articles:

You can do a blog search for more articles.


God and the truth

Never take for granted what the Bible says. The Bible is God speaking to you whenever you want Him to. God desires so much you keep conscious of His commandments not to sin against Him. You therefore should take it upon yourself to read the Bible habitually to keep abreast of His desire for your life.

God is good because He cannot deceive you. He has made His word so detailed you cannot go wrong if you keep searching for His will for your life. Sadly, many Christians overlook some phrases and adopt today’s modern practices which may be contrary to what God has commanded.

If you feel you need more information about the reality of eternity, do not hesitate to contact me.

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