God, the Angels and You!

Angels are messengers of God that He assigns and send as He pleases. No matter how mighty the angel is but the angel is only a messenger that even Christians can assign some work through prayer in the name of Jesus (Luke 1:19; Hebrews 1:14). The Bible enlightens us in many ways that Angels are always around us (Psalm 34:7). There is no time when a person is outside the sight of God and beyond access by Angels.

God and angels can access thoughts in the mind, hear words that we say and see what we do. David understood this when he said, ‘may these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD,…’ Psalm 19:4. David knew that God can hear whatever we say, see into our minds as we meditate on issues and then judge us. It is angels that keep an accurate record of what we say and what we think. God’s judgment will come when we die. It is written that men is destined to die once and afterwards face God’s judgment (Hebrews 9:27).

In the book of Numbers 12, we learn that God got to know what Miriam and Aaron was saying about Moses His servant. God couldn’t lie to accuse and judge them of something they had not said. As already mentioned in previous paragraphs, the presence of God in all our activities is real even in our lives today.

According to Abraham Yakubu’s testimony, there are five angels that go with each and every person for the entire life in this world. I will mention them according to the order revealed by Abraham.


The first Angel

It looks into your heart. Every evil thought that come to mind goes on record. I also believe good thoughts too are recorded. When we read Matthew 5:28, Jesus confirms that lustful thoughts on a woman or man are outright fornication. No one would know that but one who can read the mind.

Imagine Christians that hate their pastors in their hearts, their ignorance keeps them nursing the hateful thought yet it is so visible to this Angel. Even as you read this article, the angel is here with you writing your thoughts on this message.


The second Angel

It records what we do. Every act we take goes on record. For example, if you take somebody’s wife to a hotel is a far away country, it goes on record. Remember David revealed this reality in Psalm 139:7 when he said ‘Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?’ – NIV. Abraham Yakubu gives an example of taking someone else’s wife under the sea. Think about the deals we make in secrete places, thinking that it is only within four walls that the information is locked to – total deception!


The third Angel

All our words are recorded by the third Angel. Remember Jesus said in Matthew 12:36 that everyone will give an account of every careless word uttered. I’m imagining the Angel recording even the tone of the utterances we make to others.


The forth Angel

The forth Angel is your guardian messenger. It guides and protects you from evil. Jesus had one too. Matthew 4:6 tells us that this or these Angels can even get to the level of lifting us up in their hands so that we are safe from danger. The devil was not telling a lie as he usually do but knows the Heavenly set up far too well that he can’t attempt to deceive Jesus about Angels.

I guess it is the one that would warn you about your thoughts, the words you want to say before you say them and the things you want to do before you do them. It possible guides you through scriptures on how you can escape the trap of the enemy. For example, it would tell you not to bribe an officer but pay the legal penalty for an offence you make.


The fifth Angel

A personal archangel is provided to you to monitor all the other Angels. The day you die, this Angel will leave to await you at the gates of Heaven.  If you go to hell, this angel will never see you again but if you make it, it will fulfill its role when you meet in the Heavenly gates.


These Angels are with you right now. They are doing their assignment with diligence. Never think you can negotiate for an adjusted record when you have to account for your deeds on judgement. Your record will just be as it all happened.

I don’t deceive myself on this but I work diligently to present myself acceptable to God. Please don’t let anybody deceive you too. You will be accountable for what you did.

Be blessed.

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