Don’t let your job create enmity between you and God

Everyone must earn a living and therefore needs something that will give him or her an income. Whether you are self-employed or employed, that which gives you some income is your job. I will be contrasting our activities at our jobs and the will of God with the aim of encouraging you to keep yourself within the perimeters of God’s permissible will.

Man shall live by bread, which they have to work for to get, and then add the Word of God to it so they live a complete life (Matthew 4:4). The person that does not work should not be given food (2 Thessalonians 3:10). There are a lot more verses that confirm that man should work to earn a living. Who then should provide employment for people? I will address the question in the next section.


How you got your job

The person that gets a job should be one who qualifies for it. This should be on legally permissible terms and ultimately Bible approved credits. It is true that some qualify because they are family members or relatives to business owners. If that is not how you got your job, you must have got it from the devil.

It is common practice for people to engage in sinful practices to secure a job. This is totally unacceptable to God. This includes bribes and engaging in sex to gain favor.  There are also secrete things that people do to get employment. Often, such practices oppress and take advantage of others. People get deceived to believe that since the community has accepted such practices and that it seems to have been forgotten, then it is over with. Do not be deceived, unless you correct your error, God has not forgotten about it and you will account for it one day.

If the person that has been hired in unclean ways values his or her soul and wants to enter Heaven when he or she dies, that person should reconcile with God and the people involved. In biblical terms, such reconciliation is called ‘repentance’ and ‘restitution’. Restitution is not an easy thing to do yet it is the only biblical provision to clean a mess one might have made in the past. Repentance is towards God and restitution is towards man.

I often remind readers that it’s not me that set the rules but it is God through the Bible. Remember, when you stand at the alter to offer and remember that a brother has something against you, go reconcile with your brother first (Matthew 5:23 – 24). It is a given therefore that whatever you do for God without having reconciled with the next person you are wasting your time. It does not matter how much you offer.

If you are in a position where you have to restitute with someone, I suggest you pray to God to help you identify a person with whom you can share your issue. Request that person to be your advocate with the affected persons. Even if it’s the government, report your matter to the seniors in that ministry such as the Personal Secretary to the Minister. When she was in the a similar position, Victoria Nehale from Namibia shares that she approached the ministry of education in her country to report her fraudulent teaching certificate. This is proof that restitution is possible and God can help you do it.


How you do your job

Now that you are employed, how then do you do your job? Are you faithful to do as expected? Do you earn the money you do from doing something at all or you cheat your employer and still get full payment and the end of the month? Don’t you cheat your employer to pay yourself more in one way or the other?

You know answers to these questions. You must make corrections where you are not faithful to your employer. Know that the Lord God is watching and keeping record of everything without skipping a second of it. None of it will be erased unless you repent and ask God to take off all those records, after which you turn from your wicked ways.


The call for personal introspection

This message is directed to you. Forget about many others who may ridicule this biblical condition of righteousness and holiness. None of them has a Heaven, neither do I. The only specific route to Heaven is according to what the Bible says.

I am ready to discuss and advise if you will. Be blessed.

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