Don’t find yourself lamenting – Alas, had I known I would have listened!

The world has one savior and He is Jesus Christ. This post will sound a warning to people that are in denial of the fact that there is no other one but Jesus Christ. Countless times people have been warned that there is no other way into God’s presence but through Jesus Christ (John 14:6) yet they still deny it. Sadly, the truth does not change no matter who denies it.

Only the wise will be saved. It is the wise that shall shine when this life is over. Those that embraced the truth when it says that the beginning of wisdom is fearing the Lord. Daniel 12:1 – 3 gives a prophecy on what will happen to the wise and the unwise. These two groups will not mix, one will wake up to everlasting life and the other  will wake up to everlasting contempt. The wise are the ones that will inherit everlasting life. Not because I’m the one writing this but because the Bible, which is the word of God, tells us so.


Genuine wisdom comes from God

The only genuinely wise in all the universe is God. This is according to Romans 16:27. Similarly, Job 12:13 says the same truth. God’s wisdom is in His word. If you want to be wise, study the Bible and do as it says. Do not be tempted to omit or disregard some verses that look impossible to comply with but if you are confused and trouble by these verses, take it upon yourself to find out what they mean to you.  If you do, you will know how to get answers from God on confusing issues particularly on those that do not make sense in human terms. At the end of it all, it is all about your life and what you have done when your creator gave you His commands.

The indisputable truth is that we are all going to die. Our time in the world is very limited. Our lives are so short in this world such that it is like a vapor that comes for a short time and it’s soon gone (James 4:14). This is a fact that we should always be thinking about because death is the doorway to eternity. Those that took God’s invitation for wisdom seriously will then shine and never see death.


Detriment of adversaries

I have heard some Christians and Jehovah’s Witnesses dismiss the fact that hell exists when in fact the Bible is not silent about it. I have written many articles in this blog that give insight into the existence of hell. Jesus spoke about it and the Old Testament gives some details about it. One of the post is this ‘When should you think about death?’

I don’t deceive myself to believe that there is no hell and I implore you not to as well. If I had all powers on me, I would trigger the desire to search more about it on every living person. I pity the Muslims, Mormons, Hindus, and the others because they are living a lie. They have ignored the wisdom of God, and many are not even willing to consider the Gospel truth. The devil has blinded them and they sadly allow him.

God;s invitation is still open for as long as they are living in this world, otherwise they will lament lost opportunities when there is nothing they can do to save their souls. To help in widening the understanding of why Jesus Christ is the only savior, I cannot ignore recommending testimonies of revelations of heaven and hell that are widely and freely available online. Each experience has its credits but the choice is yours on which one to believe. At the end, you will discover that these testimonies wind up to the same truth. Examples of the nature of experiences include the following:

  1. Vision while praying, after prayer, before prayer, in critical illness condition, after a fatal accident, at repentance/accepting Jesus Christ.
  2. Dreams while asleep.

Surely anyone who ignores these messages has himself or herself to blame. I don’t wish for you to cry ‘Alas – had I know, I would have listened!’ The time do act is now.

Be blessed.

revised: 2 May 18

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