Last moments in life are for focusing on God – How do you know it is that time?

If I were to coach believers to trick the devil and escape for their lives into Heaven as opposed to going to hell, I would say that they should use their last moments to repent and reconcile with God. This message is largely applicable to believers because they may lose their salvation at this point if they shift their focus from God. It calls for one to be wise in God’s way to know his or her true last moments (Proverbs 3:7).

We surely cannot be smarter than God and avoid doing His work and living a holy life while we have healthy living and only hope to repent when are about to die. That will not work because it is the devils teaching that has sent many to hell. God’s mercy should not be taken for granted. Evidence is given by the testimony of John Bunyan, the Gospel legendary who lived in America and wrote the famous book ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’, when he was taken to hell in a vision.  John reveals that one of the damned had planned to repent just when he was about to die, but it didn’t work. The right time to repent is now when you hear the call from Jesus Christ (Matthew 4:17).


Biblical examples of last moments

However, it is true that some people are lucky to have evident indicators of their last moments in this life. The two people that were crucified with Jesus Christ knew or at least had an idea that their time in this life was about to be over. One of them chose to use his time to save his souls and the other did not. In the book of Acts 7:60, we learn of Stephen’s last moments and how he used those moments to connect with God.

Before I talk about Jesus Christ Himself on how He used His last moments on the cross, I want to talk about one woman whom I term foolish. This is the woman that was about to be stoned for committing adultery that was brought to Jesus. I think it was evident to everyone that last moments had come for the woman but she did not try to reconcile with God. The Bible does not record any of her actions or utterances of seeking forgiveness and peace with God. Later on in this article, I will unveil my belief on what mindset would make one to prioritize reconciliation with God when last moments come.

Jesus Christ had His focus on God’s will and the connection with God in His last moments. Jesus completely focused on God and forgave all that people had done to Him. Jesus was a perfect example of how we should realize our last moments and use them profitably to connect with God.


Earthly examples of last moments

You know like I know that people die once and then face God’s uncompromising judgement (Hebrews 9:27). Don’t dismiss me just yet because the Bible confirms that some people will be taken on after life experiences through visions and dreams (Acts 2:17). This is true even for John who wrote the book of Revelation. His experience was outside the body, even though he was not sure, which means that he had been taken into a world beyond this life. There is therefore no way of knowing this unless God shows favor to someone and bring that person back from the dead to share with us his or her experience. There could be many that have been taken through the death experience but I will pick one Nigerian man by the name Abraham Yakubu.

When you listen to Yakubu’s testimony on his experience in the afterlife, you will learn that he was given notice by God that his time was about to be over. Yakubu chose to use his last moments to focus on God and make peace with Him. He could have focused on his family, wealth, brethren or any other thing of this world. In that way, Yakubu could have missed Heaven. I encourage you to read and watch Yakubu’s testimony on the internet and YouTube.


How can you attain this favor?

I believe that for one to focus on God in the last moments of his or her life, that person must be Heavenly minded. That person must be connected with God in Christianity. A Christian is easy to accept that this life is not the best place to be. A Christian can quickly confirm with God if the moment is truly the last or not. This will convince the Christian to act appropriately.

If not, the focus will be on recovering from that position into life of this world to enjoy its pleasures. Many would spend their last moments thinking of how to escape the trap when in fact it is inescapable. Wisdom and knowledge belongs to God (Romans 16:27, Job 12:13) and He alone can grant it to us to know and understand the last moments.


Final advice

My recommendation is therefore to live a life of seeking God’s wisdom so that you never miss Heaven. This to you will be a sign that you love your soul and you understand that this life is only temporary. Seek His mercy every moment you think about it. Never go to bed without praying for His mercy.

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