When should you think about death?

Should we keep death in our minds? The answer is ‘YES’ we should. As a matter of fact if possible, thinking about death each and every minute has far reaching benefits. This post will explain why this should be the case.

Death is dreaded. If you talk about it, most people listen attentively and will most likely obey if the message threatens them about death. No one in his or her right mind would refute the power of death on him or her or anyone. One person who might seem too close to death might be actually far from it than his or her caretakers that could be looking much healthier. This is because death is not only real but it takes lives at will.

Next I will justify why we should think about death every minute but first I will outline its implications.


Implications of death

When a person dies, that person moves into another world as if he or she is a new born into it. The Bible says that the one that dies moves on naked just as the time he or she was born into this world (Job 1:21). Unlike when you were born into this world where you never chose who will be your parents neither the country you shall be born in, you choose who shall be your father after death. What makes it easy to choose is that there are only two fathers after death – the Father of Light and the father of darkness.  God is the Father of light (James 1:17). Satan is the father of darkness. To learn more about who Satan is, I recommend the post ‘Who is Satan, the Devil, the Prince of Darkness?

Guided by the Bible, we know that when we die we face God’s judgment on how we responded to what the entire Bible taught. Death marks the point of no return back into this world. For example, my mother who died in the year 2004 has not returned ever since she left, whether in a dream or any other way. Once you die, your judgment is set and immediately you die, you cannot control where you go.

If you fail in any of the Bible given guidelines, you are rejected by God who authors the Bible, you and the universe. Being rejected by your maker is the most undesirable position ever because of the consequences that follow. Anyone that still rejects the reality of hell is living in deception. Trust the Bible and the many people who have had visions of hell when they report that hell is not worth it.

Qualities of hell are all of the following:


When does thinking of death helps?

Each time you take a decision, think about death so that you take a decision that will not condemn you to hell. Knowing that you can die soon after taking that decision keeps you working at your holiness. Some actions may cause you the dreaded need for restitution, which I think is the most difficult requirement for making it to Heaven. I have written a post on restitution titled, ‘The Urgent Call for Restitution for all’.

No decision is too small not to think about death. Let me make examples of some of the decisions we make in life.

  • What to do with someone who took your money and never returned it
  • Reacting to someone who hates you
  • Joining friends in a party
  • Go out with a girl friend
  • Gossiping

Death should be in our minds because it is around us every moment.


Concluding remarks

Death is a very important stage in live. Everyone should prepare for it. Not only by buying life insurances but first by accepting the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ. The state of being in good position with the Lord Jesus should be maintained. Such state is fragile such that it calls for continuous self-introspection.

Today you can shout for help and some will come to help but at the time of death, you will shout for help and nobody will hear you. You will ask for Jesus to help you but He won’t because your time to make a relationship with Him will have expired.

Thank you for reading this post. Be blessed.

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