Let them go to hell attitude – A message of encouragement to Christians

Who should go to hell? No one should but the truth is that hell happens to be the default destination for all people. Unless a person repents and follow the ways of Christ, they will wind up in hell. Christians know that the one who lives in this world and never bother about the sacrifice God gave when He offered Jesus Christ (1 John 3:16) for the salvation of all will wind up in hell when s/he dies or when Jesus returns.

The effort we make in preaching to such people may seem not to be yielding any positive results, but I have a message for you that will encourage you to keep on keeping on.  First, I will detail two groups of people that will wind up in hell and then give some advise on how to keep pressing on even when no one seems to respond to the message of Christ.


Non-believers that will go to hell

The message of salvation is always urgent and that which has got to be changed by the person that hears the message should be done immediately.

There are so many channels and mediums that God has used to teach people about His sole purpose of creating people. A majority of people have heard about the Gospel of Jesus Christ but are ignoring it, some reject it and others oppose it. Many tend to reason with what the Bible says and wind up rejecting the message simply because in human terms it may not make sense. Those that follow cults and all other religions are on fault yet they are confident in it.

If anyone dies while he or she is in this position, that person will go to hell. Details about the qualities of hell are listed in the post ‘Harsh punishments from God of Christians to His people’.


Christians that will go to hell

Many Christians that get God’s chastisement don’t respond positively as quickly as the urgency in the message. For example, if you have to do restitution, you have to do it immediately or at least start working on it right away simply because death may come any time and if you have sin in your life at the time of death, you won’t make it to Heaven.

The stubbornness attitude is also seen with Christians when they are chastised by the Lord Jesus through the preaching of the word of God. Some tend to ignore the word and procrastinate making adjustment to what the Lord Jesus requires of them. This is true even with big position holders in our churches. These are the likes of deacons, general overseers, bishops, prophets, apostles, etc. Often these are people that should understand and take kindly to the chastisement of God and comply but they choose to not to yield to the call.


What to do with such stubborn people?

Sometimes as preachers and believers get tired of people who do not respond to the call of God and you feel like having an attitude of abandoning them for hell. The two groups detailed above know the truth but they choose to remain in sin.

I encourage you to have the following attitude towards them:

  1. Love them anyway.
  2. Don’t tire in reminding them of what God commands. Do it with respect.
  3. Pray for them.
  4. Direct them to the Bible for answers. Share some of your resources such as sermons and free lessons.
  5. Be patient with them. Understand that as much as responding to God’s call is a matter of urgency, they need to be convinced to make a firm decision to follow Christ.


Last words

Your portion as a believer or preacher is to relay the message and let the Holy Spirit convince the person to repent. No one can change the next person but only God can. If you have done your part, then keep praying for the people to respond to the call and make reminders where possible.

Please always keep it in mind that you cannot be very important to God more than any other person. If your deeds are not in line with God’s commandments, you will be judged and be rejected. No matter who you are. God has no human bosom friend who defies His word. Only when you listen and do as He commands with all your humanly possible strength that you will be His friend (John 14:15, 15:14).

Be blessed.

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