Mbabane alliance old sermon played on Swazi TV – Siyakudumisa

Rev J. V. Mazibuko

Today on the populous long time playing television Christian program ‘Siyakudumisa’ a sermon that was recorded at Mbabane Alliance Church, which I estimate was recorded more than 5 years ago, was played. To support my claim, the structure which the sermon was recorded on does not exist anymore. It was demolished and a new one was built in its place.

The service was reviving, relevant and as good as it was when it was preached. This is proof that the Word of God does not expire. I’m sure if the pastor was watching himself as he was preaching, he could reflect and pick one or two, a few, things that has changed in his conviction about his faith, whether for the better or for the worse and that is totally his own business. If I may declare, I like him a lot.

In any case, I wanted to note the following about the service.

  1. It exists in God’s records.

None of what we do never goes into God’s records. Words that we speak, our thoughts and meditations are accurately recorded by God’s angels for His purpose. The pastor, reverend J.V. Mazibuko, may have forgotten what he had preached about on this day yet God’s records have it all. Every vain word he uttered while preaching has the power to condemn him to hell if not confessed (Matthew 12:36). The Bible tells us that pastors will be judged with a higher standard than everybody else (James 3:1). They will be reminded of the times they misquoted God, lied in His name, compromised on His standards, feared man more than God not to declare the truth as it is and many more things. Surely being a preacher is not a thing to glory about.

To the believers that were listening, those that watched over television then and today, they will account for what they did in response to what was preached on the day. No one is exempted from God’s judgment. We all shall be judged. By the way, this is a message of love and not of condemnation simply because we may still make things right with God as long as we live in this world.


  1. I can safely say at least 5 people that are in the audience have died.

I know a number of people that go to Mbabane Alliance Church and I must confess that personally, none of them have passed on whom I can pin point. Yet from the numbers I saw on the video, I can safely say that if no one has died in that audience, then this would be one of the lucky churches in the world. My guess would put the number of deaths to up 5 people.

The dead are either in Heaven or Hell as you read this article. They have already accounted for their reaction to the sermon as it was preached on that day. I wouldn’t want to delve into the details but focus on that just like them, we can face God’s judgment any minute from now. It is written that men shall die once and then face judgment (Hebrews 9:27). According to this verse, judgment gets set right after death. The place at which the person awaits the final judgement is another story.


  1. It is timeless

When the host ‘Mxolisi Mavimbela’ introduced the sermon, he mentioned the fact that God’s word is timeless. I mentioned it too at the top of the post but I would like to recommend a post that I wrote on the timelessness of the word of God “The Word of God that never changes – Psalms 119:89, Matthew 24:35”.


Just as I conclude, I’m fully aware that this might be my very last post in this life. None of the dead were stupid of less lucky than any of us. This is the reason I implore you not to deceive yourself into believing that you still have a long time in this world. Trust me, even if you live a 100 years in this life, you are just passing through. Our lives are just like a smoke of vapor that is soon forgotten (James 4:14).

Be blessed.

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