The danger in taking everything we do for granted

Just when I sat down to write this article, I thought of a title that would be SEO tasty but couldn’t come up with one that would still maintain the weight of what I want to discuss and still be SEO friendly. I settled for this one knowing it might not be an SEO friendly one but I do believe that anyone that finds this article will know that I wrote for a person not the internet.

I believe it is appropriate for me to mention that we live in a world full of the devil’s schemes yet he wants people not to realize it. The devil glories in anonymity. Many people would think what they end up doing comes from their own reasoning yet it is largely influenced by the devil’s schemes. The devil is not in games but working hard and seriously because he knows that his time is very limited (Revelation 12:12). This reality is hidden in the deep things of Satan that the Bible talks about in Revelation 2:24. This world is terrible. Unless you make every effort to stay close to God at all times, you run the risk of mission Heaven.

I will highlight a few things that the living often take for granted yet it could easily mean eternal death for them:

Speaking recklessly – Did you know that the words that we speak are recorded for future reference in judgment? The Bible states clearly that every word that we speak shall be judged (Matthew 12:36). It is obvious that unclean utterances would disqualify the person that uttered them before God. I just wonder what will happen to actors who would surely claim that they were only representing someone in their own bodies. All sorts of excuses will come in judgment. I like the late Howard Pittman’s teaching when he says that when we speak we give birth to words because we cannot swallow them back. The only thing we can do is cleanse ourselves by the blood of Jesus Christ when we confess our sins before God.

Being led by our desires (Galatians 5:17) – I clearly remember that when I started earning a salary my delight was chocolate. It might not be wrong to take chocolate but it might have been wrong to desire it the way I did. I know some of my pears broke into alcohol, promiscuity, unclean television programmes, circular music, etc. which might have been a long time desire for them to behold. Liberty to a person without God’s guidance is very dangerous to his or her spiritual life.

Ignoring restitution – The Bible is clear on the subject of restitution that it must be done. Just in the book Genesis chapter 38, the Bible tells the story of Judah who did not do diligence in restituting his ways because he feared that people will laugh at him for having slept with a prostitute (v 23). When you read further, you realize that it caught up with him when he wanted to enforce justice into a situation that arose afterwards.

Jesus esteemed the act of restitution even beyond offerings. If you read Matthew 5:23, you learn that an offering is not better than restitution. According to this verse, so many of us unfortunately offer unacceptable offerings to God each time we do. Abraham Yakubu rightly declares that repentance is towards God but restitution is towards man. I recommend you read his books and watch his free videos on YouTube to learn more about restitution. He talks a lot about it.

Space and time would not allow for me to go into divorce, malice, anger, slender, etc. which things we take for granted yet they count for our eternity. Christians are called to prioritize the kingdom before everything else (Matthew 6:33) and if we do not do that, we simply disqualify ourselves for Heaven.

I implore everyone that happens to read this article to love his or her soul because it is the only thing that matters in eternity. When you do love your soul you will read the Bible to observe its teachings and pray as often as you can to God for guidance.

Be blessed.

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