God is not the Father of the dead – Mark 12:27

Jesus Christ had a lot of questions to answer to people while He lived in this world. He still is giving answers to people’s questions even today. I have written an article addressing the question on how God speaks to people today. You may read the article ‘How does God speak to people today? If you have a question, you can get a response directly from Him.

In the Gospel of Mark 12, Jesus is faced with Sadducees where He has to give answers about the resurrection. They wanted to know who among seven brothers would a woman whom they all had as a wife belong to after this life. They thought there is a marriage life after death but only to learn that this is not the case. Jesus’ answer unveils a lot of heavenly secretes that compels the Sadducees to stop asking. I will focus on Jesus’ declaration that God is not of the dead and term it Revelation 2, which is supported by that when we die we are given bodies similar to those of angels, which I categorize as Revelation 1 in the next section.


Revelation 1

When we die we are given bodies similar to those of angels. This is true for all people; Christian or not. These are eternal bodies that never cease to exist and yet they are alive to all that is happening around them. These bodies are locked out of forgiveness and they are not allowed to do even the slightest of their will anymore.


Revelation 2

Mark 12:27 says, ‘He is not the God of the dead, but of the living. You are badly mistaken!’ I must confess that in my family devotion we couldn’t figure out what Jesus meant in this verse. A few days later, I happened to watch a video on YouTube by B.W. Melvin titled ‘A Land Unknown: Hell’s Dominion’ and I got the answer. I would recommend you watch the video too as it is freely available on YouTube yet so resourceful.

I got to learn that the dead that this verse is referring to are the people whose angelic bodies have been eternally separated from God. These are people that God does not care about in totality. None of the good things that come with God – the air to breathe, strength to do things as we please, water to quench our thirst, luxury to eat whatever we want, the privilege to pray and get responses, etc. – is available to them. They are locked out of salvation and the chance of reconciling with God. God has no business with these people anymore, they are damned forever. I know this may sound very much unlike who we would love God to be but it is true and denying it won’t change who God is.


Word of advice

Never take the word of God for granted. Every little thing that is opposed to Him counts into your record that shall be retrieved at judgment time. What the Bible says is as is and nothing will change it for anyone including you. All you can do is adjust yourself to be what God desires from you. God designed man for His own glory and therefore we should endeavor to glorify Him in our bodies (1 Corinthians 6:20).

Be blessed.

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