The environment of God’s judgment

God’s judgment is coming to all the living. The dead already know about their position. The reason to worry over this is because the only instrument that shall be use is the Word as recorded in the Holy Bible. Therefore, not reading and doing what the Bible teaches has a lot more to it than being lazy to read it. Everyone has himself or herself to blame if they do not know the laws of God as recorded in the Bible. This is one book that is widely available in many languages and sometimes with different version in one language. It does not cost a lot and often a free one can be secured if you really can’t afford one.

This is one of a very important yet personal post I have posted in this blog. This message is directed to each and every individual that shall read it. I invite you to consider this message as one of a kind in your lifetime.


The door into God’s judgment

The Bible is not silent on what marks the entry point into God’s judgment. It is the physical death (Hebrews 9:27) where our bodies shut down. Careful exposition of this verse reveals that there is nothing like living more than the single life you everyone of us has. The belief that people are reborn elsewhere after they die is a lie. If you are not taking good care of this one life, you lose it all when you die.

Once your body clots, you enter into God’s judgment environment. The very first split second after death, you have no chance to change your position with God and your judgment is set.


What God’s judgment means

In earthly terms the word ‘judgment’ means that someone is expected to be a subject of the law. I will be honest and reveal that for me, God’s judgment has been best revealed through Bible expository testimonies from people that have had revelations of the afterlife. Do not be deceive yourself; rejecting testimonies of revelations of any form does not change the truth. I therefore implore you to read through this post and be as objective to pray for clarification where you feel you need it.

The environment of God judgment puts you where you have no control of what you do, say and think. If you listen or read reverend Abraham Yakubu’s testimony, it is clear that movements, utterances and thoughts or remembrance of all things is controlled by the supernatural environment of judgment. This is supported by God’s word in the book of Revelation 20:12 – 15. There is not just one book in Heaven but many and one of them is that of judgment which entail the records of how one has lived his or her life from the time of the very first breath to the last one on earth.

God’s judgment means that once you are there, you have not even the slightest power to do anything of your own. You can only account but not change anything nor move to your preferred direction.


No excuse counts

Not knowing a verse that condemns you for what you have done, no matter how small that thing may be, will never be accepted as a justification for not complying to God’s commandments. For example, if you did not do some restitution, love like Jesus did, preach to others, consecrate to God’s calling, separate yourself from the world, etc. and say you were not aware; you will still be rejected. That is why the New Covenant, which we live by today, stipulates that God will write His laws in our hearts (Jeremiah 31:33). Your lack of commitment in observing God’s word and listening to the spirit within you will not be acceptable.

Do whatever the Spirit of God convinces you to do as soon as you get to know about it. Use all available resources to you just to obey what God instructs.

Can you believe it that some people will try to escape hell by blaming things and the devil. No excuse will not have an answer to confirm your judgment position. My own understanding tells me that it will be shocking to hear objects defending themselves against sinners who indulge and blame them for their sins. For example, people will get to hear oceans telling them reasons why they swallowed them. I’m imagining a drunkard that drowned in the sea hearing these words from the sea, ‘I killed you because you were careless about your life and didn’t value it’. Knives, bottles, bullets, and everything that people use to kill each other will be present to justify their position.

According to Pastor Abraham Yakubu’s testimony, the devil himself cannot accept blame of having led people astray from the will of God. No one can say that they fell into sin because of the devil. This excuse is not acceptable at all.



How then do people hope to escape if they neglect the simple gift of salvation that God has given (Hebrews 2:3). Ignoring the truth does not change it. If you die without a healthy relationship with Jesus, you go to hell – period! The time to cry before God for your sins is now while you are in the body. Any amount of crying after death will not help in any way.

You can pray the prayer of salvation and then work at pleasing God by reading the Bible and do what it says. It is possible because many have gone before us made it and are witnesses to this reality. It is possible to live a life that is acceptable in the sight of God. In fact, the Bible says that there is a cloud of witnesses awaiting us in Heaven already (Hebrews 12:1).

I’m ready to help you escape the anger of God that await all that disobey Him. You may contact me through email

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