If it sin to wear a make-up, why then do we wear shoes?

Modest dressing upI believe that wearing make-up and any artificial attachments life finger nails, weave and lipstick is not acceptable to God as I have already written two articles on this subject already. The articles are the following:

  1. Is make-up, lipstick, hair dye, make up and all artificial attachments an abomination to God?
  2. Is it sin for woman to wear trousers, weave and make up?

I have worked at sharing this message with ladies around with my close friends and it hasn’t been well received. I know its not about me being convincing enough but God will do the rest. Some ask me questions on why do we wear some clothing if God had given us enough of the natural to live by. One question I had to give an answer to was, ‘If it sin to wear a make-up, why then do we wear some shoes?’


The answer

There is a difference between taking good care of what God has given you and adding to what God has given you. This is the explanation I tried to give even though it was not accepted. Let me make practical examples to make my point clear.

  1. Putting on a colored lipstick is an act of changing the appearance of what God has given you but a colorless one is keeping your lips soft and protects them from cracking. As much as the colored one would do the same, but it compromises the original appearance of the lips.
  2. Fitting artificial nails is an act of changing the look and feel of the finger nails that God gave you. Attaching a weave on your hair is an attempt to add beauty to make yourself more presentation to the world by adding artificial beauty. This is worldly and not of God.
  3. When you wear some shoes, you protect your feet from damage from harsh weather or even pain from walking long distances.

You will notice that all that aims at protecting your body would be focusing towards avoiding sickness or disease yet all that does not and only a cosmetic is not good.

I was asked about the use of perfume. I believe, I could be wrong, it is not good for people to have bad body odor from sweet and things that work to stop that can be used but moderately. The intensions should not be nothing more than stopping the bad odor. Neatness and cleanliness is very close to godliness.


My recommendation

This is not an easy subject but everyone has access to God for answers. You would have to take your own time to pray about this because if you die in sin of any kind, or if you are found dirty with things of the world in your heart, there is no escape from the standard judgment of God.

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  1. Worlanyo says:

    Please always try back everything with scriptures.
    Because we those telling people to stop those act always d3mand scriptures

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