Money and Christians – Quick guiding tips to consider

We all know that money is a necessity for everyday living. The Bible says a lot about money. A quick search for the word ‘money’ in my SiSwati Bible brought 87 verses; combined both from the Old and the New Testament. There are common verses that people quote on money, one of which is found in 1 Timothy 6:10 where we learn that the love for money is the root of all evil. This verse further states that for this reason, many have lost their faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Money is obviously a necessity and people should work for it just as it was in the beginning for Adam having to work to earn a living and feed his family. How you earn money counts as all these add up on the record for judgment after this life. Every one of the living will give an account before God on how they earned their money.

An attempt to list all things that people do to earn money unjustly would be futile yet for the believer, the Holy Spirit is always close by to guide him or her unto righteousness.

I would like to pick a number of things that a believer should be on the lookout for each of the money making options they use:

  1. Are you not robbing people just so you have more money for yourself? It is true that a viable business is one that pays all overhead costs and leave a portion for reinvestment or savings yet people should take priority at all times. It is unfair to have big savings while underpaying your staff. Governments have statutory pay scales that every employee should observe.
  2. Are you faithful to pay all your dues to those it is due at the right time? Creative accounting to evade taxes is not to be heard of amongst Christians. Some people have a tendency to ignore due payments until the owed person gives up chasing them for their money. Some do the hard to find trick which is very frustrating to the owed person.
  3. Are you not offering bogus service and taking advantage of desperate and ignorant people just so you make money? Bogus experts and / or specialists are on the wrong. It is true that some services do not require academic qualifications to be satisfactorily performed yet it is wrong to take a professional position when offering a service that you do not qualify for. It is always fair to state your merits to your prospective customers and let them risk the output voluntarily.
  4. Are you not abusing employer assets to make money for yourself? Telephones, computers, printers, cars, stationery, etc. that the employer provides to you to do business should not be used for personal gain, let alone making money through them. This is where a lot of the employed are trapped.
  5. Are you not trading God’s truth for money? This is now closer home for those dedicated to God’s service. The Bible warns against selling God’s gifts that are received for free (Matthew 10:8). This verse is specific to healing the sick, cleaning lepers, raising the dead and casting out devils. There is no way this verse can be twisted because it is straight forward and clear.

Brief guide on how Christians should make money

I will share just a few pointers on money making practices that are in line with God’s commandments.

  1. Work for money or let your money work for you the godly way, even though there might be easy options out there but a believer should observe the principles of earning after having delivered a product or service. It is true that investments are an exception yet such investments should also be in line with God’s ways. A believer should shun money making activities that are driven by greed such as pyramid schemes and others like it.
  2. Price your product or service right, do not overcharge. This may be relative but a believer should be guided even on how to price. One fair pricing approach is considering your costs and levying a reasonable mark up. Over 100 percent mark-up is always too much and most likely unfair, unless items were bought at a huge discount.
  3. Trade on products that do not contrast with Christianity. Obvious products a Christian should not sell are cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, abortion tablets and other religions products. Lending out money at an interest is forbidden for Christians (Exodus 22:25, Psalm 15:5, Deuteronomy 23:19).
  4. Do not bribe anyone for money. Exodus 28:3 gives a brief result of what a bribe does to a righteous person.


I believe this is a simple and friendly reminder to all believers that love for money can be a trap that may result in eternal death after this life. It is true that temptations to compromise the truth are there, particularly when it seems like everybody is doing it. Every believer should be on the lookout, least s/he loses his/her salvation just from ignoring simple things as these that I have highlighted in this post.

The best of all, is to consult the Lord Jesus through prayer.

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