Why do Christians also make expensive mistakes like everybody else if God is their Father?

The world knows that making mistakes is human yet we also know that according to Psalm 37:23 Christian’s steps are ordered by God. Therefore, whatever happens to a Christian, God must have allowed for it to happen. Then the question arises, ‘why do Christians find themselves having made terrible and expensive mistakes sometimes?’

This is a question that could be holding back some people from believing in a God who is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. A God who is loving unconditionally.

I always like to reference Bible stories that teach us on related subjects because such are simple examples to demonstrate God’s dealings with mankind. We know that sometimes it does not call for one to make a mistake to be in an expensive liability yet mistakes are common causes of such predicaments. There is something to learn from how God dealt with people’s mistakes in the past as recorded in the Bible. The argument may then be that times have changed and circumstances differ. Things and circumstances may change but principles, human nature / architecture and God does not change. The Bible teaches that the people that had an encounter with God were people just like us. As an example, the Bible quotes Elijah doing wonders and then mentions that he was man like us (James 5:17).



I want to give an appropriate perspective of what a mistake is. I bring this up because some people when they have been found in a sinful mess, they then declare to have made a mistake as opposed to having committed a sin. People often confuse their committed sin with a mistake they have made without even realizing it.

Just as an example, often a man who is losing his wealth due to a divorce because of committing adultery would say something like, ‘I made a mistake falling in love with that woman’. In this case, sin is the foundation of such a mistake but it does not mean that this particular individual didn’t know that he was engaging in sin.

I would like to give an example of mistakes that are in the spirit of this article:

  1. Realizing that you have a study mate textbook in your bag when you reach home from a study session.
  2. Plugging in an iron when you wanted to plug a heater whose plugs are together.
  3. Paying for a holiday account when the due account is for fashion.
  4. Quitting a day job prematurely.
  5. Adding some sugar in a cup of coffee when somebody else has already put in some.

Some of the mistakes we make can cost so much such that it becomes impossible to recover. Even mistakes of such magnitude are made by Christians whom we believe God could have made a way to stop them in time.

Moses makes a mistake

In Numbers 20:10 – 13, we read that God commanded Moses to speak to the rock at Meribah so that water would flow out of it. instead, Moses struck the rock with his staff.  God gave Moses this instruction because He knew it was within Moses’ capacity to do right.

At his disobedience, God was very displeased. Moses had to take the consequences. His was not to inherit a land he has been longing for throughout his 40 years of leading the children of Israel in the wilderness.

Jesus Example of addressing mistakes arising from sin

You must know that Jesus is all about fighting and overcoming sin. The reality Jesus unveils is that often we see mistakes in others easier than they do. Matthew 18:15 tells us to take a humble approach and try to make each other understand that sins can extend to other people, and make things right in private.

Why Christians make mistakes

I will give two reasons why Christians find themselves having made mistakes of any magnitude:

  1. God has given man the liberty to decide what they want to do. In other words, the will power to do anything has been God given unto man. God does stand on the way of a person who has decided to do something even when that person has prayed for God’s guidance but then still goes on to do whatever s/he wants. Often people ask God but are not patient enough to wait for His response.
  2. Mistakes that we make give us sorrow and grief. When a Christian realizes that s/he has made a mistake, that person turns to God for help. Such a move strengthens the relationship with God and produces a better believer. Even though making mistakes is undesirable, when it does happen the believer gets into a position of exercising his or her faith in the promises made by God. This believer is then put under pressure to endure the consequences of the mistake s/he has done. According to one Bible Dictionary mobile app, trials can be defined as suffering that puts strength, patience of faith into the test, afflictions or temptations that exercise and prove the graces of virtues of men. 1 Peter 1:7 says that grief from trials proves the genuineness of the believer’s faith.


I do believe that God does not like for Christians to be victims of mistakes they have made yet when they do, He is committed to take them through. God does not tempt anyone but people’s lust and desires lead to mistakes and temptations that overpower us (James 1:13).

I therefore encourage believers to consult the Bible for understanding the will of God for any position that require decision making. However, scriptures should be read prayerfully to have a ready mind to hear from God. Prayer is necessary before and after you read the Word of God because devils are ready to steal the message a believer picks from the Bible.

It is encouraging to know that God does not abandon us once we have made mistakes that put us under grief and discomforts of all sorts. God is faithful to keep His promises (Hebrews 10:23) that we turn to with all our might when we find ourselves having made expensive mistakes. Such an expense may not only be in monitory terms but it may include time, energy and relationships.

I believe that God has ministered to you through these few sentences above and I pray that you get closer to Him as you study the scriptures about His will for your situation.

Be blessed.

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