The expected mindset of a victorious Christian

Mind the gap

The Christian is called to live a Christ like life on a full time basis and let everything else be part time. Your job, business and life activities should not supersede the Christ like conduct. This is a high calling that ensures victory in every step a Christian makes.

The phrase ‘full time’ means completely dedicated to something. It goes beyond talking or declaring it but it is a state of mind. It means that even if you were to be called out at night from your sleep and asked to perform a full time related assignment, you would not object but take it up with pleasure. That is why Christians are called to pray at all times (1 Thessalonians 6:18; Ephesians 6:18), preach in season and out of season (2 Timothy 4:2), give works of God freely as they have received freely (Matthew 10:8) and many other assignments that truly define a full time calling.

Naturally, what the body wants is contrary to what the Spirit of God wants (Galatians 5:17). If you let your life take the natural approach to things, you will find yourself living in sin just because it is natural to the body. For example, people engage in premarital and extra marital sex because they strongly believe that it is natural to have a desire for sex and then move on to satisfy it in a very casual way. Some engage in masturbation, a practice which is an abomination to God yet many have reasons that are humanly acceptable to practice it.


Supporting your call

This world is full of filth and activities that are driven by spirits of the enemy and many people do not realize this fact. The devils are hidden in some songs, videos, festivals, gigs, shows, meetings, educational activities, church services, etc. and a part time Christian can be overtaken by these spirits at any time. Therefore, I have the following suggestions that will help the Christian live a full time Christ like life.

  1. Select your friends and if you are married, your best friend should be your partner. The Bible warns against bad company (1 Corinthians 15:33) because it corrupts good character.
  2. Be selective on the type of entertainment you take. Not all Christian organized entertainment is good for your Christian life.
  3. Get into the habit of fasting some of your activities, particularly those that are routine such as watching television, chatting, updating on social media, browsing the internet, etc.
  4. Never stop doing what reminds you of your Christian calling. If it means phrasing your greetings with a Christ reminding word, do so. If it means setting your smartphone wallpaper with a Christian theme, embrace that move. Know that the devil has put his own reminders around us and we have to help ourselves counter that.
  5. Avoid immediate switch from church to circular activities and vice versa. Whenever you are to go to church or take a biblical activity such as praying or preaching to others, prepare yourself by avoiding participation in other things that would divert your mind from God. For example, do not go from watching a circular movie and then preach the Gospel in the next 5 minutes. The reverse is true, take time to digest whatever you were doing with God and let it sink into your mind before you jump into other things that are not very related to Christianity. It is daunting that some Christians would gossip, go on to discuss soccer or talk politics just after saying amen after prayer. Just before they walk out the church building they’d be totally out into the world with what they say, do and think.


These are just a few things that I also work at practicing just so I don’t easily lose sight of my Christian calling. I know one thing that I could die any time from now and if I’m caught unprepared, I will lose my soul. It is therefore my constant practice to clean my soul anytime I feel I have done something that comes between me and my peace with God.

Be reminded that it is not about me at all but about what Christ wants you to be. I’m just a messenger to remind us all about our calling. I also will give an account on the words that I wrote in this blog and those that I spoke.

Be blessed.

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