How to handle company resources the Godly way and how to deal with embezzlers

One of the greatest challenges of running corporate companies is managing its resources in a Godly manner. Christians have been, and many still are and will be in the future, entrusted with billions of dollars in companies all over. Sadly, many misrepresent Christianity when it comes to managing money.

Jesus knew this fact that money is not different from an idol that people can worship and one that can take God’s place in people’s hearts (Mathew 6:24). We have learnt that people can kill for money, they can do terrible physical or emotional pain to people that want to expose their evil deed arising from the love for money.

I recently wrote an article on gaining strength from God to overcome the love for money and much earlier wrote one on why Jesus contrasts service other gods with the love for money.  God declares himself as jealous because He does not want to share His might in people’s hearts with anything else.

I cannot ignore the fact that people have evidently learnt tactics of embezzling funds without being brought to justice for their criminal actions. In broad daylight, people embezzle millions of dollars and get away with it. It even becomes very difficult to uproot such practices when authorities form part of the collusion. Newspapers, television and radio stations report of such in alarming numbers such that it is no longer a surprise to learn of such practices in a company you work for or one near you. I could quote any current incident that I could just go to Google and search for but I leave that to you as an assignment with open answers.


Christian conduct

Knowing very well that God is always on the watch, the Christian should not manage resources as the world does. The Christian should be cognizance of the fact that every person will be judged for what they have done while in the body. The Christian should also be motivated at all times to model the life of Christ.

It is common practice for Christians to justify their actions by claiming that they were given an instruction and therefore are not to blame for it. Some get deceived to believe that since it has become a norm and everybody is doing it, then it is okay. Do not be deceived, a believer is instructed to be the salt of the world (Mathew 5:13), which means that a believer should condemn every ungodly deed that s/he gets to know about. Furthermore, Christians should expose such practices (Ephesians 5:11). Participating is not to be heard of at any rate.



It is not easy to do the will of God at all times, especially when you know potential consequences.  It would seem reasonable to rather protect yourself and not expose someone else for the wrong they do, yet such practice is not good enough in the sight of God. If you do not expose evil deeds, you unfortunately become part of the syndicate. The hard reality is that you should do what is right and leave the consequences to God.

There is no way you can have the courage to do as God commands unless you keep a close relationship with Him through frequent prayers. You need God’s help at all times because it is He that can sustain you. It has to be painful for you to see evil prevail while you are quiet about it.

I’m no hero in this too but most often than not I usually have no evidence of things I learn about those people that embezzle organization funds. You really need evidence of a case before you can expose it.


A word to the affected

If you can relate to this article whether as a person who embezzle the funds, part of a team of embezzlers or benefit from embezzled funds, you must know that God’s anger is upon you (John 3:36). I know people will argue and say that they do have Jesus in their hearts but it’s only a “convenient” mistake or failure which is covered by God’s grace through His son Jesus Christ.

Do not be deceived, you will burn in hell forever if you ignore the commandments of God. What will it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your soul at the end of it all (Mark 8:36)? Believe God when He says He can help you all the way (Isaiah 41:10).

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